2011 Kawasaki Vulcan Vaquero

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    Took the day off yesterday, ostensibly to work on my bike and finish installing that oil cooler. However, it got up to 99* in the shade and my shed was just too hot. So, instead I called up a buddy and spent the day goofing off. Went to the Harley shop in Brandon, found a new independent mechanic and decided to stop by the Fun Bike Center in Lakeland. Got a good look at Kawasaki's new Vulcan Vaquero. I'm not sure if it is a knock off of the RoadGlide or the Street Glide. It looks more like a Street glide to me but when up close, the inner fairing is designed more like the RoadGlide and is attached to the frame rather than the forks.

    Didn't get to ride it but did hear one running. The bike had Vance and Hines pipes and actually sounded good. That 50* vtwin didn't have the lope of HDs 45* but it sounded good. The bike, overall, looked nice, although those holes in the fairing on each side of the headlight are a little too "retro" for me, I think the fairing would look better without them, or, install fog lights.

    The dash is just too weird for me..it has retro looking analog mixed with digital..just doesn't look right to me. The fit and finish seemed comparable to HD, although I'm sure the paint is not as good or as thick.

    I will say this, the bike was priced at $14,999.00, it came with cruise control, MP3 connectivity, a 5 yr warranty and a bunch of other goodies. Much more than the MoCo includes in their base price.
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    I think that you might find more Harley riders starting to look at other options. The imports are more advanced and cheaper to buy and have a good reliability history. And Harley keeps cutting corners and riders are just going to get fed up.
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    I don't know that import motorcycles are any more advanced than Harleys but agree they are cheaper and just as reliable. (This is excluding a Goldwing. It is a fine machine but not the type of riding I like). As far as advanced go, I know the only models that would lure me away from Harley are not anymore technologically advanced than my bike and are thinly disguised clones to boot. Kawasaki's current Voyager and Vaquero lines are nice looking bikes, but add nothing to the technology. I know the Vaquero I looked at yesterday did have more "goodies" but they are all available for my Harley, just as an option and not standard. However, my bike has a passive security system standard that the Kawasaki didn't. Also has TBW, heat management and, with the '09 and newer redesigned frames that greatly improve the ride.

    IMO where Harley needs to improve is the pricing. What is a streetglide/roadglide going for now..around 18k....you can pick up a Vaquero for 14k - 15k, with more options. Howeve,r as long as the market supports it you can't blame them.
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    I agree with Ken on this one. Many HD riders are tired of getting treated the way they do with high prices and poor quality. Most will argue that the imports don't hold their value like HD does but when you are paying substantially less for the bike, the resale can be lower to reflect that too. A thought that is often overlooked.

    2012 Kawasaki New Product Launch – Product Videos


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    Long ago an Opinion of a Old Timer,,, Owner of a "Jawa""AJS" type cycle shop in Seattle that changed to go strictly HD as "Downtown Harley"... Man that was a long time ago..

    At an "Oyster Run" event in Anacortes Wa. Looking at the New Just on the market for a few years the Victory motorcycles,,,,

    His Commenting on it.... """Wished Harley Engineering would make the belt replacement on our HD's as simple like the Victory.. Pointing out to me .. No need to pull apart the motor as the Victory had removable section of the frame giving EASY access,,,, Unlike the Big HD then..(AND Still)

    He is a wise Old Timer building May Choppers in his early days, Carmen TOM and his son Russ Tom,,,(World famous for may Custom Builds in his short life time with us....*Russ) Beluga(sp?)and many others..

    Just visited Carmen Tom/son Rick , last week at Carmen's home in Maple Valley Wa.
    Carmen has the same old smile that "won you over" without any other effort, His wife still putting up with him...Tough woman..:D

    Many who know them, give them some good thoughts today, If you know where to Visit them,,, swing in on your HOG and do a short visit.. Yes I razzed my motor in and out of his place:D.. ... Thanks...

    MY first Bought New Doodle-Bug came from his shop on Rainier Ave in Seattle a whopping 129$ and it was called a Flea-a...weighed in at 45 lbs...

    Clocked at 55+ mph by a State trooper on 410 hgy (down the hill from Jouberts honey stand). tossed into his trunk and I was taken home to get a Serious lecture of Not riding on 410 hgy again..:newsmile055:

    My dad and I laughing about it later (officer left), said Careful he's Not around If you do a short cut home again..Shaking his head saying, Man,,, 55 ??? :D

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    Gotta say, looked at the video and it does look pretty nice. I would not mind test riding one of those.

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    I just don't know , I for one think Harleys are the best no matter what . Sure they cost more , I think they hold their value better , sure they can break down but so can a Jap bike , I say buy what you want not what others suggest . Like my guns my Benelli shoots 12ga. shells the same as a Mossberg . Which is better , which costs more , the Benelli is made in Italy the Mossberg who knows . I'll buy a Benalli or a Mossberg any day sure it costs more but it'll hold it's value , I look at HD vs Jap the same way . JMO
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    The resale value on metric cruisers is definately an issue....even in the face of lower cost at time of purchase when you look at it form a percentage.

    Buddy bought a suzuki boulivard in 2006 for $9k......bike has 1,800 miles on the clock and it looks brand new. He is trying to sell it for $4k and no takers.....delaership (metric dealer) offered him $3k for trade. That bike lost over 50% of its value in 5 years and has not even got enough miles on it for its first service!!!!!

    I look at used HD prices out or curiousity all the time......06 and 07 dyna models still selling for about $10k with 10,000 to 20,000 miles on the clock. Those bikes sold for beteween $12k - $14k new........yeah the resale on HD's is definately better. Nobody ever profits buying new and selling later but at least you don't lose your shirt on the trade like my buddy is with his Suzuki.
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    Just curious, which indy mechanic did you find? If it was Anthony at Pride Cycles in Brandon, you found a good one!!
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    Cody at Cody's Motorcycle Repair in Lithia. small place off hwy 640. Seems like a nice guy.