Your OPINIONS only NO DATA from companies.

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    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I am a firm believer that Trannys NEED gear oil and my choice is ShockProof Heavy from Redline.

    The Primarys Need a wet clutch approved and Mine is MTL by Redline.

    I have used HD's Fromal+ with out too much wear but prefer my MTL...

    I use a Full synthetic for the motor and 20/50 Redline is MY choice...

    I do not believe in one oil/lube in all three holes.... Nuts----- IMO...

    Now,,, NO company stats allowed..... Just YOUR opinions allow PLEASE......

    Keep posting short and No Language...:lero

  2. harley@16

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    I've looked at this for years trying to decide what is best and I finally spoke with a guy from cylce gear and he explained to me that as far as Moble 1 is concerned they formulated their V Twim 20/50 for all three locations to exceed OEM specs. Thats not to say there isn't something better for the tranny and the primary. My experience with the tranny is I ran Mobile 1 then Spectro and I couldn't tell the difference ultimately. I recently put it in the primary and after running redline and formula+ in there I think this oil runs quieter. Yet my inclination is to just change more frequently and you"ll have better performance.
  3. doctor727

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    My Heritage Softail had dino oils in the tranny and primary when I bought it used. I did some research and now run Amsoil 20/50 in all three holes. Tranny shifts like butter, no chain or clutch problems in primary, and engine runs cooler in the summer here in FLA. I'm sold. :s
  4. Redfish-Joe

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    From my experience. Mobil 1 V-Twin in the motor. I have tried other synthetics and came back to Mobil 1.

    Formula + in the primary. Why? Thats what HD recommends and it works.

    The tranny. It is a gear box. For years we have used 90 wt. oil in out vehicle trannys and rear ends. I wouldn't use motor oil in them then and I won't start now. Again I rely on Mobil 1 75/140 in my tranny. Proper clutch adjustment and the heavy wt. oil and it shifts like silk and neutral is always there when I need it.

    Now for me, there may be a better combination but I'm quite happy with my results.
  5. hogrotten

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    Valvoline 20-50 Motorcyle oil in my engine and tranny and Valvoline CVT in my primary. Will soon be running Valvoline 60wt racing oil in the summer and 50wt racing oil in the winter but will stick with the CVT for the primary. :p
  6. BluesFan

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    good 20W-50 Syn in the engine. I use Royal Purple or Mobil 1 V-Twin. (Depends on local availability)

    75W-90 in the tranny

    75W-90 in the Primary, except that one time I picked up the wrong bottle and used a bottle of Formula + I had around from my daughters Sporty.

    20W-50 in all 3 will work. But given the varying demands, why not use proper lubes and buy some margin?

    Some raise a concern with gear lube in the primary. Most EP additives contain sulfur, which is injurious to yellow (copper based) metals. The EP additives work by plating onto the surface under fairly high local temps, and then being sacrificial when needed. A typical application is a worm drive i industrial gearboxes. Brass or bronze worm on a steel pinion. The chemical reactions are strong and end up pitting the yellow metals as high load shearing occurs. We don't have that condition in the primaries.

    We do have some copper wire (stator). It is insulated and it is not a load bearing item, if the sulfur compounds get to the wire, you already have a damaged wire, so I consider this a very negligible risk and I take it, even on my wife's bike. (see, Playing with fire...)

    All of this buys protection for the compensator ramps, which I believe benefit from the extra additives.
  7. STEVE07

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    Everyone's bike is a little different IMO
    My bike had excessive valve clatter with Mobil1,I have switched to Bel-Ray 15-50 full synthetic for the motor.Valve train noises are all but gone.
    Trans.When I ran 20-50 in the had a terrible whine and would clunk going into gear.Spectro Platinum GL5 cured this.
    Primary.I find no difference using a cheap dino oil or an expensive primary and chaincase lube.
  8. Iceman24

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    I'm with Bubbie...not a believer in the "one oil fits all" theory. Even with all the research, demonstrations, etc...if this philosophy was true - we'd have "one" oil for all motorized vehicles.

    There are many great brands/types out there so dial-in a personal preference & use it.
  9. geezer

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    Excellent idea for a thread Bubbie. I'd rather listen to guys like you, Chopper, Glider and Jack who have tried different oils and found the best ones that work for their bike. I always take the advice of a salesman who's been drinking the company koolaid, has a vested interest, always quotes from his companies propaganda papers and is trying make money off me with a huge grain of salt.

    Right now I'm using Mobil 20-50 in the engine, Spectro 6 speed in the tranny and Formula+ in the primary. I was using Spectro Primary oil till I read it wasn't as good as Formula+ for the SE compensator. I've found less fretting on the comp using Formula+. Although I'm happy with these oils, when my stock runs out, I'm going to try the Redline oils that Bubbie uses to see if they're even better. :s
  10. 1Canuck

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    :devilA while back I was just about to take a half inch drill through the cases to save time filling all three with the same oil. save time draing out too.

    Then after trying the others mentioned I came to the same conclusion as Bubbie