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What was your first street bike?

1974 Honda 550 four, My dad bought it bran spankin' new the year before I was born. I'm not sure when he quit ridding but I got it from him when I was about 19 after the bike had been sitting outside in the weather on it's side for 13 years. After rebuilding the Carbs, changing the rusted through exhaust pipes and redoing the top end (even though it looked brand new inside) I rode that old bike for about 1 1/2 years before I found a new one. Man That new Honda Shadow sure was sweet compared to that old 550 four. I rode that for about 7 years before I bought a new one. MAN THAT NEW FXST SURE IS SWEET COMPARED TO THAT OLD SHADOW!!!:rider
Mine was a 125 yamaha that was so long ago, I can't recall the color:D. Bought it from a friend and it was like brand new.

I use to do battle on the parkways with the 18 wheelers and just about got blown off the darn thing. I needed a bigger bike.
1949 Indian Scout (given to me!) and a beat up Yamaha 125 I think. Neither one got much use because I got drafted and gave them both away. (Many have questioned my sanity on any number of issues.)
Wow, what memories...Suzuki GS125....rode the snot outta that thing....

Neither of mine had much snot to ride out of them! More like trying to get through the intersection when the light turned green before it turned red again. On a very good day, I made it before the yellow! :p
I had a kawasaki 125 enduro,when i was 13 that i rode mostly in the dirt. didn't get a real street bike until 16 yrs. old it was a kawasaki kz650, it used to scream back in those days!