Snowbirding in AZ

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    Once again I find myself on the road. Different type of trip this time. The wife's arthritis has been killing her during the TN winters, and she convinced me to play snowbird this year and head to Arizona for the winter. So, I loaded up the 5th wheel, loaded the Dyna on the trailer, and we are heading in that direction. Stopped for a couple of days in Tunica, MS for her to get her casino fix, then back on the road. Was getting low on propane and the nights have been cold, so figured I would fill both tanks at the next campground. Anyone ever try to get propane after dark in TX? It is very hard to do, the DOT sets regulations that made it impossible for me to get any and we wound up staying in a motel Thursday night in Colorado City, TX. We will get to Las Cruces, NM today and stay there for a week to sightsee and to visit an uncle. Then it is on to AZ, probably to Apache Junction, to spend the winter. Any local AZ boys that want to ride with a old geezer from TN, drop me a PM.

    I wanted to post a couple of pictures of the trailer I use to tow my Dyna behind the 5th wheel. As any of you know that tow doubles, backing up can be a real problem. Enter the SmarTrailer. A double hitch ensures it stays in line with the 5th wheel and can not jacknife. Swivel wheels allow it to turn with the 5th wheel. Easier to see than to explain. The only thing I don't like about it is that you can not see it behind the 5th wheel. Guess I need to add a rear view camera system. Anyway, I have used it for almost 2 years now and have towed it over 10,000 miles with only tire problems, mostly due to design issues that have been corrected.




    Any adverntures I have will be documented in this post from time to time. I am looking forward to a lot more warm weather for riding this winter.
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    Hey Jake, thanks for posting that. I like that idea.....I bet I can get 2 dual sports on a trailer like that. Planning for the day for when hubby & I can play snow birds. :D We have been talking about ideas, but so far it looks like an RV with a trailer & a mini cooper or a jeep...I keep changing my mind, and at this point, he's thinking 1 harley & 2 dual sports. :s With this trailer, I may be able to convince him to keep all the toys. :D :D

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    While in NM las cruces, Your not far from the fat-alamo, and then up to cloudcroft... Now that has some spectatular views of the sands area west of there.. i think it is over 9000 ft on top and I love going up or down that TWISTY road... it is beautiful country...

    when you get to apache junction..? remember if you were there before?, how many HOUSES and shop-malls were added in the last few (8) years.. USED to be all open and cactus

    Not the OLD apache junction I liked.. when traveling out east highway 10 QUIT right at apache junt. BACK THEN you were right at the bottom of superstition mt.

    I was going to buy a 10 acre parcel back then(15 yrs.) and scoffed at 10,000$ and said WHO would pay that?

    should of would of could of... The houses go all thru the back (east) side of superstition mt. NOW and all the way up to globe..

    NOW take tortilla flats,,,, IT has NOT changed... SAME beautiful twisty OLD road in and GRAVEL/dirt out the back of dam road thru that area...

    Have YOU thought of camping right down on the dam-lake... ONE NICE SPOT...

    I went from apache j. to florence stopping at the TOM MIX MEMORIAL.. heard a bunch of bikes, harleys and goldwings coming into PARK... I started directing the bikes coming in to park SAYING: HARLEYS over here and scooting GOLDWINGS over into the handicap area.. With a smile and EVERONE enjoying every minute of my performance...

    The GOLDWINGS were from nebraska on latter thinking of the event...
    NOT ONE of them MAD just a lot of good KIDDING..

    The next year we were stopped at the memorial and I heard A group of bikes coming in,,,, MY wife says "your not going to do that again are you?" YEP,,,,, and I started parking harleys and hondas,, WE were laughing and having fun,, a couple trying to RUN ME DOWN, now GO FIGURE!

    One of the gold bikers approached me , not liking me to separate HIS bikers group...

    I thought HE HAS no sense of humor!!!

    Well i explained that i did the same thing last year to a group from nebraska and ALL had fun with it... READY for blows ,,,, the fellow said to me,,, you are a lier.. SIR....

    THEY WERE from "MINTASOTA" not nebraska...... ALL LAUGHING now with MR.GOLDWING saying"""" DON"T YOU REMEMBER? THAT WAS US LAST YEAR..... "

    IT was exactly ONE YEAR TO THE DATE.... WE all had a laugh at it and MR. honda asking where I would be PARKING BIKES NEXT YEAR?

    they would LOOK for me...

    NOW what are chances of that??

    So if YOU are there at the TOM MIX MEMORIAL for a stop ,, Help me out a little and PARK them PESKY hondas in the HANDICAP AREA...


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    RetiredJake...that is one very cool way to haul a VTwin AND trailer...! My Teardrop trailer is a much smaller scaled version of an RV for small truck or SUV...I like it! Was in Las Cruces, NM about 10 years ago, beautiful area to live and will be in Gilbert, AZ over the holidays...also very nice this time of year. are one crazy guy who likes living on the edge, doing that joke with riders nowadays...old timers on both sides got used to the ribbing on both sides, but younger riders may have a bit "thinner" skin to understand the jokes. Have to say, never heard of "segregated" parking and an all rider event, but hey, being new to the HD gig, you may have something there...LOL :57:
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    Nice trailer, dont have a rv myself but like the concept.
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    Great trailer. Did you have it made or make it yourself? Do you have any drawings? What were the wheel problems and how was it corrected? I know thats a lot of questions, but with a design like that you should share. The camera sounds like a great idea too. Enjoy your winter riding and I hope the climate change is good for your wife.
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    They make several models, this is a link to their website.

    Single Swivel Wheel Trailer

    This is not anything I made myself, it is a commercially available trailer. I provided a link to the manufacturers website in the previous link.

    The tire problems I had were:

    1) Not a heavy enough load rating, currently running load range D.

    2) I also had a problem with the cotter pin that holds the axel and spring in place was not bent correctly and it gouged one of the tires, right through the tread and into the cord.

    3) A third problem was my fault. Had some lug nuts work loose and wallow out the stud holes in the rim. Don't forget to verify lug nut torque on a new unit for the first few hundred miles. it's a good thing we learn from our mistakes. I think I am now bordering on the genius level. :lolrolling

    All in all, I have been happy with the unit. If I had to tow a conventional trailer behind the 5th wheel, I probably would not do it. That would set up some strife at home as the wife wants the 5th wheel when we travel, and I want a bike to ride. We all know what happens when Momma is not happy. :p
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    Thanks Jake.
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    I'm jealous! I'm stuck here in Ohio while the wife is still working, but when she retires, we'll hit the road too. We both love Arizona. Have a great winter and put plenty of miles on that HD while thinking of us stuck in winter.:57:
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    That's what you get for marrying a younger woman. Remember, "if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, just make a ...." No, I remember now, that was for looks, not age. :lolrolling