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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by RobDog, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. RobDog

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    I'll be returning from Baghdad very soon and my first stop will be the local HD dealership. I am looking for a new touring bike for myself and my wife to hit the road and enjoy retirement. For all you owners of the HD Ultra Classic, let me know what you think of the bike - good and bad - so I can make an informed decision.

    I've done my research on the internet, but need some personal opinions. Appreciate it.

  2. glider

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    There's been a lot of posts on comparisons between bikes on the forum recently. Try a search and I'm sure you'll bring up a lot of posts to read about the bike.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    That's precisely what the UC is designed for. Save yourself a lot of time and money and go directly to this model if you're going to be doing a lot of 2 up long distance traveling. It's not called the "Ultra" for nothing!
  4. mkd58

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    the ultra is one of the best for touring but it does cost more and have features you may not want.cb and intercom,i didn't need. lowers are great in the colder climates and weather but if you live in the south they may be too warm for most riding.cruise control is a personal thing and i wouldn't be without it.i my self bought the electra glide classic and added the cruise control as an option.i also took the $2000.00 difference and put a big bore kit in and chromed the front end. just my 2 cents!
  5. RobDog

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    The little wifey told me to get whatever I wanted. After almost 18 months in the sandbox, she is taking pity on me. And, I'm not fighting her on it. I do a lot of long distance riding and now she wants to join the group. Passenger comfort is a big deal for me. Plus, I've owned cruisers all my life. I earned some easy time on a good touring bike.
  6. walleye

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    I have a 09 Ultra. Prior to this bike I owned a 05 HD Deluxe and prior to that many different bikes. The ultra is the best bike I have owned for touring and for two up. Things I like are: ( not neccessarily in order)

    Storage, cruise, front and rear speakers, multiple inputs for music, weather band for checking weather on the road, coverage from elements while riding, (fairing upper and lower) stability and ride, adjustable air shocks, ABS Brakes ( I'll never ride without them again) My wife loves the rear seating arrangement, 6 gallon tank is nice as well. The new bikes have plenty of power and a 6 speed tranny and the new rear tire looks great in place of the old thinner one. Fits the larger bike better IMO. Thease are the main things I like.

    Runs too hot in stock form, but mods can remedy this to acceptable form, Too high for me, I am 5'9". I have not made any changes yet, but with two on it is at is limit. Single riding I am OK. If you are less than 6 foot it iks likely going to need mods to make comfy. Passenger floor boars run over your legs while stopping or slow take offs. This just takes getting used to, but still annoying, Speaker system OK but poor. I replaced front speakers, better but still could be better, I do not use the intercom but all who do say they are all but throw away, (just the head sets, not the system)

    Over all I have no regrets. See my sig! Any bike you have will need some things to better your fit. I no doubt recommend this bike, especially for two up cruising. Most of all ride safe!:D
  7. Lancer

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    I'm with you, when my wife and I were looking she said "I like that one", I wasn't going to argue, I liked it too. For us it was all about the comfort.
  8. RobDog

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    Thanks for the feedback. I've always changed something on every bike I've owned.
  9. Jack Klarich

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    Im going backwards in life used to ride baggers now my wife doesnt ride any more so i am on a 07 StreetBob yeah there are alot of days I miss my baggers cant go wrong with all the comforts they offer and I would not hesitate to ride coast to coast on a bagger Good Luck and thanks for serving this great country
  10. Drumrguy

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    To Rob and all of our Military guys and gals, thanks for all you do. Now as far as the bike, I love my Ultra Classic, but I have heard that for long, long distance riding the Road Glide might be a little better. My buddy went from a Ultra Classic to a RK which he was on the fence about, to his 07 RG, which he absolutely loves. Just depends on whether you can deal with a front fairing that does not move with the front end, but both are excellent choices. If you do not need to cb, rear speakers or lower fairings, I would consider the RG. Good luck.