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  1. mat 60

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    :Sometimes I wonder some weard things...Could be some left over stuff I did when I was young.:)..Aneyway..I saw a vid on here yesterday about how to pick your ride up if she goes down and the guy mounted his ride from the right side..Looked weard to me. Whats up with that? Kick stand side for me..:bigsmiley21:
  2. Webbtron

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    I suppose my habit comes from mounting a horse. If I get crowded on the left side I stand on the right peg and get on. Kind of like the old kick start days. James Dean style. It seems that just about everything cool is discouraged, I saw that guy in the video and I saw your comment. Felt the same way as you did. I expect to hear a bunch of comments about taking a class and what the California state patrol does.
  3. whacko

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    They teach kick stand side in the MSF course and that has been my standard way to mount my bike. I have a friend that rides an electra glide and he always mounts from the right side. I asked him why and he said he has a bad knee and it makes it easier for him to slide into the seat from the right. When you watch him mount that is exactly what he does.......left foot over while pulling on his jeans with his hand to get his leg up and then he slides into the saddle. His left knee is the bad one and it may be too much on it to put so much weight on it if he mounted right leg first. Maybe the guy in the video has a bum left knee?
  4. Mad Dog Jim

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    Tomatoe Tomotoe... What's weird is people who don't get on a bike at all.
  5. Duane53

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    Some people do things out of the norm. I guess we all have little habits for one reason or another.
  6. HDHard

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    One of the wheel school instructors for the police department I work for taught me to always get on from the right side. That way if your stand is on something soft or slick and the bike goes down, it won't fall on you. You will fall on it.
  7. HDDon

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    Well put Jim. Me I'm a right side mounter, just seems easier. I also water ski and ride a surfboard goofy foot.
  8. Dr. Dolittle

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    There's reasons for both. Cops are taught to mount from the right side for reasons already mentioned and for uniformity when operating as a team and having to mount up quickly.

    I can also see many good reasons to mount from the left side, including physical limitations (leg/knee), orientation of the bike on a slope, etc.
  9. dbmg

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    I prefer the kickstand side for off and on. It seems a bit of a reach for me and less of control from the other side...
  10. Jack Klarich

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    Right side for me, most days I can not feel my left leg so I do not trust it