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American made???


Ok this is one of those slow days at work so I was wondering just for the heck of it. How much of a Harley Davidson is American?? I know the radio is english isn't it. Are there a lot of Jap parts on a Harley??? Just curious
A lot of the systems are by US companies but parts made over seas like the Delphi Security, Injection and Antilock Systems. I have noticed that when you buy aftermarket parts like tour pack organizer that it is all made in China. I look now before I buy accessories. :14:
Wal Mart will probably own HD and it will be completely made in China if things keep on the present track. But mean while I'll live in my fantasy world where I profess to riding an American made beauty.:p
I'm not going to ruin my dream,HD IS all american,and ask anybody what epitomises America and the American way of liufe,and the answer will always be HARLEY DAVIDSON!,,And long may they riegn as the #1 motorcycle in the known universe!!

If you were a preacher brother I would attend your church with checkbook for the offering plate in hand. hahaha
I work for one of the big 3 auto company's.I'm am sick of our leaders giving this country away.Therefore I try as best as I can to buy products made buy american owned /based company's.Even my own company pulls this crap,but I feel that it may already be to late turn things around.
If there are no manufacturing jobs here there are no plants that pay payroll taxes or property taxes.Wonder where money for poilce,fire,ambulance ,road maint,and other services will come from? FROM THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE WORKED THEIR LIVES TO OWN A HOME AND MAKE A FUTURE FOR THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMLIEWS. OUR PROPERTY TAXES WILL SKYROCKET TO PAY FOR THOSE WHO BUY FOREIGN AND SEND THEIR MONEY OVERSEAS. AMERICANS SHOULD SUPPORT AMERICAN OWNED/BASED BUSINESS OR GET THE *#!! OUT.
Just my opinion,will not be buying any HD motorclothes acessories anymore either.
Getting off my soap box now ,Have a nice day
Preach on brother :worthy, I buy USA in every product if one is available,, I drive Jeep, a Caddy, and a Harley and drink my American beer COLD. :guitar