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  1. A

    Help : 1/100 Limited edition appraisal

    Hi all. I have a Sportster 48 with a limited edition body kit on it. i have the #71/100 I wanted to know how much it would cost if I had to sell it. Name of the kit : Caffeine Racer Reference number : 92200162EEF It was selling for roughly $3,000.
  2. Steven Sullivan

    1997 Road King Whistles

    1997 Road King 27,813 Miles on odometer Me and my wife went on a 200 Mile road trip, while we were out we noticed a loud "whistle" "worble" noise. I can not tell where it is coming from, sounds like the front fairing area. I have been on long rides before and this is the first time I am hearing...
  3. B

    Hello from Texas and Plz Help

    I Joined thanks to some of the best help topics. I have a 2001 Sportster 1200, that when you turn the key it won't start, all the lights work and it's in neutral, the horn doesn't work. I replaced battery, fuses, relays ect. I achieved that after finding 2 cut red wires on LH side above coil...
  4. G

    My new used xl 1200 c

    Hey guys I am very new to forums so bare with me, I recently purchase a 2010 xl 1200 custom and wanted to change a few cosmetic things such as the handle bars, rear end, plate mount and tail light and turn signals. My main concern is the handle bar, I wanted to put 12 inch t bars but the factory...
  5. BIG OX

    ignition problem help please

    My 05 Dyna lowrider was running great when I rode her to work when I went to leave my bike wouldn't start she has a new battery that's maybe 2 weeks old its holding a charge and reading above 12v I have power when I turn the key to accessories but lose all power when I turn the key to...
  6. J

    Need help hard starting

    Hello all, Thanks in advance. I have a 2011 HD Fatboy. Starts fine run it for 10 to 15 minutes. Turn it off if I go back within 5 to 10 and try to restart it struggles and when it finally does turn over it makes a very loud screeching noise. Kind of feels like the darn engine is about to fall...
  7. E

    sun ray heated seat problem

    hey boys, any of you know how to troubleshoot a model 52127-05 sun ray heated seat. plugged into the accessory connector switch is on, push the button to turn on but does not heat. is there a way of taking out the switch to verify?