1997 Road King Whistles

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Steven Sullivan, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Steven Sullivan

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    1997 Road King
    27,813 Miles on odometer
    Me and my wife went on a 200 Mile road trip, while we were out we noticed a loud "whistle" "worble" noise. I can not tell where it is coming from, sounds like the front fairing area. I have been on long rides before and this is the first time I am hearing it. It only happens under deceleration and as soon as I pull the clutch or give it more throttle it goes away. I have checked all the fluids, everything is in operational range. Any help would be apricated.

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  2. dolt

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    When you disengage the clutch you are de-loading the drive train and when you apply throttle you are loading the drive train. So start with the primary, check torque on the comp nut and chain adjustment. If that checks out, check clutch pack for play on the main shaft; check the drive belt. If that checks out, the problem may require more invasive investigation like checking the inner primary bearing and race; my money is on the inner primary bearing. A failure at 27K miles is unusual but it does happen.;)
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  3. Steven Sullivan

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    Thank you for your help. It was raining when I was hearing the whistle, would that effect anything? I need to take it on a long ride on a warm day to see if it is weather dependent, but it's been raining everyday.
  4. jamesearl

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    Rain whistling may be any vacuum hose?
  5. Breeze380

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    It may be rain related. Like a wet belt rubbing. If it doesn't do it when dry, you have narrowed it down. Also, wife needs to be on back to really duplicate circumstances