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Would you own any other bike?

Most people that I have talked to in my life claim that it is a Harley or it is nothing. Would you ride any other bikes besides Harley's?

I have rode other bikes in the past before I could afford to buy a Harley and I have to agree that there is nothing quite like a Harley!
I could have bought another bike by now but I will not settle for anything less than a Harley. Besides my family would disown me if I were to even think about riding any other bikes.
A Harlay is a very unique bike. Many tried to imitate and copy it but they can not just measure up to the original. Owning a Harlay is like owning a precious jewelry.
Heck no I wouldn't own any other bike! Only a crazy person would think of driving anything but a Harley, they are some of the best made bikes around and their prices are reasonable for all the great things that you get.
I have to go with the general concensus here and say that I would also not buy any other bike. I am really disappointed in my one son who went out and bought some crappy Honda, claiming that he could not afford a Harley.
More than 3 years I owned sportster XL1200,but never thinking would have another bike other than Harley,I have some reason that make me never added new "baby" in my garage is,first I dont have enough money to buy it : and second if I have more fund,I would like to upgrade my "baby" now to new version. :)

And this is my serious reason,I owned Honda Goldwing and Yamaha Vmax before ,but my experience said harley is best for me.
I also would never buy anything except a Harley. I could not imagine driving any other bike that is out there. Compared to a Harley all other bikes feel cheaply made and just not worth the money that you would be spending.
I am ashamed to say that I did have a Honda. I am now getting ready to buy my first Harley and I can not wait. I have to wait until next week until I get it because that is when all the 2007 will be in at my local dealership.
I agree with winrider, it is very much a precious jewel, my father is a hardcore harley guy and its funny, he will never purchase anything but a harley, even if it was a brand new bike given to him, not even with a 10 ft pole.
I would never consider anything except a Harley, they are the best made bikes around. Also for me it is a family tradition to ride a Harley and ride it proud so any other bike would not be accepted into the family.