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Would you buy a bike off of ebay?


I recently was on ebay and I saw that there are a lot of bikes that are on there for sale and some of them seem like they are way cheap. Do you think that it is a good idea to even think of buying a bike off of ebay?
I think buy harley bike everywhere place is the same,as long as we carefully choose it,dont tantalize with cheap price,we know this bike have complicated system,and not easy to analyze some issues with quickly,what must to do is check electric system and safety component,like a brake.
I think that I would much rather buy a bike from the dealership, at least that way you know that it has been looked over and anything needing fixed was. I would rather be safe on a bike and know that it is in good repair, and I don't think that is something that you can get off of ebay.
Just fine you buy from ebay or personal owner,but you must have expert knowledge about harleys,like whitewheels said there have a complicated system on it,or if you are newbie on this bike,buy from dealer like HD4LIFE said.
There is not really a problem with purchasing anything off eBay, like someone said you just should know what to look for and make sure its in as good shape as expected, I personally have not as of yet, but if I see one and at a good deal, I would.
If it was a really good bargain I might think about it.I would also check to see if pick up only,how far away it was and stuff like that.Also if close enough to anyone that I knew and trusted so they could go check it out for me.
I do not think I could buy anything that I have not tried out first.There is a lot of folk here that swear by ebay, but I have not seen a need yet to buy online.
I would never buy a bike off of ebay. If you are looking to go pre-owned the Harley shop has plenty of them and they are sure to be checked out and safe for you to ride before you ever take them off their lot. I don't trust people to sell me a good bike, usually there is something wrong and that is why they are getting rid of them.
Ebay or anywhere does not really matter.Anyone can rip you off to your face or behind your back.Ebay has pretty good reputation and if they care they will protect themself as well.
I agree with the poster above, anybody can rip you off whether its online or in person, I do not think ebay is any different, and besides ebay has great deals and check the sellers reputation.