Wish I would not have seen this

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    Well today it happened. I always hoped I would never witness a MC accident, but today I did, and it was bad. I seen it first hand and it was like slow motion. I was heading south and came to a red light. There was east and west traffic going at 45 MPH as they had the green light. On my left, there was a MC facing west in the center lane waiting to turn left. (South) He appeared to be waiting for the eastbound traffic to pass so he could turn south. His motorcycle died, I do not know if it was a result of himself or other reasons, but he started it and apparently thinking he was holding traffic, he turned left directly in front of a car heading east. No way did he see him as the car was entering the intersection when he took off. The driver of the cage had no chance to react or avoid hitting him. I seen the entire thing happen right in front of me. He and the bike went up onto the windshield, smashing it, and then I swear 15 feet in the air and then slammed down on the concrete. I immediately called 911 and to my disbelief, someone had already called. I parked my truck in front of him and the MC to avoid oncoming traffic from coming through. He had a full face helmet, gloves and a long sleeve jacket on, but I am afraid it was not enough. He was alive when the paramedics showed up. They must have been there in less than 90 seconds, and that is no exageration. I only can think their station was around the corner.There was another man there who was holding his head still as he was trying to move. I could physically his chest cavity expanding from internal injuries as he lied there. I do not know yet, but I think his chance of survival is very low. I then seen the driver of the car a few hundred yards down the road sitting on the curb holding his head and shaking. Nobody near him. I went there and sat next to him on the curb and for the first minute said nothing, just sat there with him. He looked at me and said I am so sorry. I told him I ride and that I can honestly say he had no chance to avoid this. I felt terrible for him, but I think the fact I was sitting with him helped a bit. A young man in his late twenty's maybe. Guys, All I can think of is the MC rider stalled his engine, after starting it probably thinking he is holding traffic at a green light tried to hurry into the turn. He no way seen the oncoming car as there was no chance to make it. This is a horrible day as I will never forget it. I wish I had not seen this, but I can promise you, after you do, things are not the same for me. I hope and pray the rider is alive. I also seen something that I never thought of, and that is the distress of the other driver, even when not at fault. My message to all of you is please ride safe.
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    My heart goes out to both people involved in this accident and to you as well. I know exactly the emotions you're feeling. I was on a charity ride in September of 2007 with about 40 other riders and I was about 5 bikes back from an accident that resulted in 2 bikers killed. Absolutely awful experience. I'm getting choked up again just thinking about it and typing this post.

    No shame at all in parking the bike and not riding awhile after witnessing something like this. I seriously considered giving up riding but obviously did not after much soul searching. Only YOU will know when you're ready to resume riding. And believe me, the first couple rides are pretty scary as you imagine something horrible happening at every intersection.

    Finally, very nice of you to sit with the cage driver and console him. Very traumatic for him too.
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    Wow, we're with you on this one.
    Craig and Mz Bling
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    Its rough saw one last year .. take it easy for a few days
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    That's terrible and I hope both the MC rider and the car driver and you will be ok. I hate hearing about accidents involving MC because it's always in the back of my mind while riding something could happen to me or one of my friends.
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    Hard to read ... GOD BLESS to all involved..
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    Tragic story, hope you will be OK to ride safe soon, I really hate hearing these kind of stories knowing it could be me or any one of us laying there, not knowing is the worst feeling, prayers for all involved tonight
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    Hope it goes well for all involved. People ask me all the time if my wife ever wants to ride her own bike someday? Every time I'm asked, I have this very same type of thing that bothers me about her riding on her own. I just cant imagine watching something like this happening to anyone but if it were to happen to my wife, it would be just to much to take.


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    bummer man. keep us posted if you hear anything. hope the best for all. Its these stories that keep us on our toes. i had a guy tell me he doesnt ride anymore cause he thought he might get hurt or worse. i told him that when the fear leaves me, i will stop riding. I really think it helps you stay alert.
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    I am praying for the three of you. Hopefully you will ride soon and I really hope the rider will survive without too much pain. I also can imagine the emotional and mental condition of the cage driver.