Who here rides in the Rain?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by airforceacop, May 14, 2010.

  1. airforceacop

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    just wondering who out there rides no matter what in the rain...I'm not talking about going to work and then later that day it rains...I'm talking about going for a fun run out in the rain....I'm starting to think that if I wait for nice weather here in Germany I'II be PCS'd out and haven't gotten a chance to ride and see the euro countryside as much as I wanted to. I really dont enjoy riding in the rain, and I don't want all the cleaning.....and worry about rust and pitting and all the other things that moisture brings on.....tell me what you thoughts are on this....
  2. futurerider

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    Ride in the rain? Not me... Not if I can avoid it anyway.

    I started riding for fun and that just does not fit the bill for me. I am sure others ride no matter what, but not me.

    Get some rain gear and give it a try, maybe it will be a blast.
  3. ultrat

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    You know i never plan on it, but it sure happens... :(
  4. lionsm53

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    "a fun run out in the rain...." Not me. I hate riding in the rain, period. I don't even like walking in the rain.
  5. Porter

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    I do.
    I have what I think is pretty good rain gear and riding in the rain really helped my riding skills. At first, I thought that I would get rain gear for when I got stuck in a storm from time to time. But I have become truly addicted to riding, so much so that after a few days I am in a foul mood. I know now that I could never live further north than MD. Long winters would drive me insane with the ice and snow. If there is no ice or chance of freezing the water on the road, I ride.

    If someone comes up with a plug-in visor that will "defrost" I would buy it in a heartbeat. That is the only nagging issue I have in cold rain: I have to crack my visor open to clear the fog and then the inside of the visor has water droplets on it as well as the outside. The antifog coating you wipe on work well when it is simply cold but they are not much in the wet and you have to reapply them often.

    The only thing I won't intentionally do is set out to ride in the rain at night. The glare from on-comming head lights is terrible and the limited visibility is really risky. I have done it for about an hour on the highway and them pulled off. Just to much for me and I will avoid it if at all possible.

    I worked in London and Salisbury in the UK for a time. If you don't ride in the rain there, you likely ride very little.
  6. anthwhite

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    I live in south florida where you are bound to find rain whether you like it or not. Doesn't really bother me though. All I have is the bike. Live on 2 wheels. If I don't have to go anywhere and it rains, I will stay home, but if I have to then I go. No big deal. That is what rain gear is for.
  7. fin_676

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    I dont purpously set out to ride in the rain but over the last 4 years its very unusuall to get a dry day so i always wear a full face helmet and cordura jacket and trousers and waterproof boots
    if im only doing short local journeys i may wear leathers but the rain is never far away and im ready and prepared for it

  8. airforceacop

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    hey brian, didn't you say awhile ago you planning a trip this way to Germany? did you make that trip? I'm at the Nato base here in Geilenkirchen...if your ever comming this way let me know...we'll have a pint or two....

    I do have great Rain Gear.....and a full face helmet...but i guess the biggest worry i have is the frequent riding in the rain how that will effect my bike and Chrome in the long run....I have no problem riding in the rain...it's not my favorite thing to do especially on the autobahnn with some of the fools driving 150+ kph when I had my old 84 yamaha maxim 750 I didn't worry about it but now I have this beautiful and $$$$ Road King I worry cause this is my dream bike and I want/ need to have it last a long time....and still want it to bling bling...with out rust and pitts ect...am I being too protective/ fair weather biker?
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  9. kemo

    kemo R.I.P

    I have done it, so I know that I can do, so I don't bother doing it unless I am stuck and have to do it. I don't really mind a nice shower but the torrential rain when you can't see I would rather avoid.
  10. Porter

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    I haven't noticed any rust or pitting starting, but I do clean and lubricate after every wet ride. As always, to each his/her own.

    While I like having my ride look spic n' span, I see it more as an investment in my joy rather then financial one. I am happiest riding. If you are more happy with a tip top looking ride: then we are all happy!:D And that is a good thing!

    I will say the Ultra's (with good tread on the tires) handle very, very well in the rain. Even torrential rain from a hurricane.