Which Road Glide (3 choices)?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by leo13, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. leo13

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    I'm stressed, but in a good way. I've pretty well narrowed my search down to 3 glides, with a target purchase date of 3 April. Seriously, I need some guidance here. These 3 Glides are in the same neighborhood pricewise and are all in immaculate condition:

    1. 2008, stock with 5,700 miles. The only option I can see is the chrome windshield trim.

    2. 2005, 5,400 miles. Stage 2 (or 3?) upgrade to Screaming Eagle 95", gear driven cam, CNC ported heads, upgraded fuel injection, Screaming Eagle Racing Tuner, upgraded AC, 2-1 Vance&Hines exhaust, chromed forks, 80 spoke 18" wheels front & rear with new tires (smaller on front, meatier on back), polished brakes, braided cables, chrome handlebar controls, handlebar radio/CD controls, driver and passenger backrests, upgraded rear lights, lowered 1", 3 windshields, highway pegs and probably a few things I can't remember, estimated 100 hp. Oh, and a cover.

    3. 2005, 950 miles, stage 1 (Reinhart slip-ons), reach seat, passenger backrest, highway pegs, quick detach matching tour pak, matching painted helmets (2), cover.

    What is the conventional wisdom here? The 2008 with 1 more gallon and 1 more gear? The Hot Rod? The NOS? Help!
  2. Bud White

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    get the 08 the extra gallon and gear is nice
  3. slimjim47

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    I'd go with the 08...should have a little warranty left and a 6 speed.

    When you look at a bike heavily uprgraded with performance mods it's always a (edit) shoot as to whether the previous owner rode it hard and put it to bed wet. So #2 is a risk.

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  4. STEVE07

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    I would go with the 08 its still under warranty and you can add the extended to it anytime before the original warranty is up.
  5. glider

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    I would go with #1 or #3. For sure #2 wasn't put together to go to church on Sunday :D
  6. Dr. Dolittle

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    Definitely not the hot rod unless you know an awful lot about this bike's history and that's the direction you want to go anyway.

    As mentioned, the '08 has warranty, fuel capacity, and 6 speeds going for it.

    However, if you are going to do a lot of overnight touring or 2 up riding, the 3rd bike is very tempting as it's already set up for these things. That detachable tour pack is worth $1000 alone! Of course, I'd need to find out why a bike set up this way had only been ridden 950 miles in almost 5 years.

    Be sure to let us know which one wins out and why. Good luck!


    Yeah I would have to say the 08 as well, Maybe #3 but it would have to be about $1-2k lower in price to have me thinking about it over the 08.
  8. leo13

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    Wow, I'm a little surprised, but grateful for the advice.

    A little more info: The 08 is a rental. The Hot Rod is owned by an older person (like me) who has 2 Harleys and a BMW, NICE home, and seems like he really treats his possessions with care. The low-miler belongs to a retired Marine who bought it at retirement, but his wife won't get on it.

    Again, thanks for the input gang.
  9. Clint

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    Which one do you WANT?

    After I rode my '93 there were none that could turn my head from her. I wouldn't have been satisfied with anything else. (in that price range!)

    There were many mods but I've known the owner for 24 yrs.
  10. Dr. Dolittle

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    In a way, #3 is already $1-2k lower because of all the mods included. Like I said, the detachable tour pack is at least $1000.

    Smitty, I'm hoping you mean the mods on the '05 "hot rod" since many of the mods on the other '05 are the same ones you have done to your RG.

    I would be pretty reluctant to buy a rental unless they threw in a whopper of a warranty.