Where does one carry smart fob

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by pfschmidt, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. pfschmidt

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    I'm new to the new generation of HDs. On my 97 dyna, I left my ignition key in the ignition as I rode. I hooked it on my belt loop when not riding. Now I have a 2010 UC Classic and have a fob/key for the ignition and alarm. Still carry on my belt loop when not riding but supprise even when riding. But now in the cold weather I wear chaps and can't get my fob/key to open gas lid or lock/unlock saddle bags.
    So my question is what do most riders do with fob/key when riding?
    HD dealer suggested extra gas lid key, as all are the same.

    Ride safe.
  2. Chopper

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    A extra barrel key is a good idea, alot of guys install the push button on there gas covers and forget all about keys since any key will open it anyways. If you keep the fob in a pocket on your leather, keep it zipped. Also make sure you have a personal pin number entered into the system, just incase also if you trailer your bike anytime make sure you put it in transport mode or you'll have a dead battery when you get to your final destination. Enjoy the ride.
  3. bonsi57

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    In the cool months I carry my fob and key in the pocket of my jacket. Warm months it is in my pants pocket. So far that is the most convenient.
  4. Ozman

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    What timing for this post! I went for a ride a couple of weeks ago when it got warm enough here in Pittsburgh. I didn't notice I left the key & fob in the ignition (never did this before).

    Discovered later it bounced out. Good thing I didn't shut the bike off. Tried my spare to start the bike later and found the original dealer NEVER PROGRAMMED IT! Luckily the dealer I bought it from used is great and is picking up my Ultra next week at no charge to program my back up and new fob.

    Lesson? Make sure all your fobs are programmed!
  5. B-1B_Guy

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    It's in my tourpak when I'm riding but when I leave the bike it's in my pants pocket or jacket pocket. I always keep my wallet and FOB in the tourpak when I'm on the bike cause I'm paranoid of stuff falling out of my pockets.
  6. Billua

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    x2 for the windshield pouch.

    Fob, garage door opener, registration and insurance...

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Was lucky enough to have a Harley jacket with a zip accessible breast pocket, where I keep spare fob and garage door opener. Windsheild bag is where I store spare summer gloves (in ziplock bag) small Steamlite flashlight & Wasp guards (pant stirrups). Main Fob & Willie G. Key single Ignition/Alarm key, are kept in right zip accessable hand warmer pocket. Finally Disk Lock/Alarm key is kept in mini snap pocket w/ ear plugs.
  8. biscuit

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    The best place to carry your fob is WITH YOU;in a jacket pocket:but NOT with your mobile phone in the same pocket.(as per H-D's recommendation).There's no point having a fob if you leave it on the bike;take the bike and they take your fob.No protection in that,Brother.

    I leave my fobs attached to my keys.I lock my steering and ignition when the bike is in the garage so i'm forced to unlock it before i ride,thus ensuring my fob comes with me.Then key and fob go into my jacket pocket.

    We've all met at least one person who didn't take their fob,haven't we?
  9. Bait

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    I carry it hanging off my belt (I don't have a locking gas cap); don't always wear a jacket and hate having something in my front pants pockets when I ride.
  10. RibEye

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    My Scorpio fob has an anti-hijack function. I don't want to accidentally activate that as I go down the road, so I keep the fob in a side pants pocket by itself. My key is on my main key ring, in the other side pocket. Never in a jacket pocket, since I could get separated from it.

    Rich P