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What's Your Cleaning Routine???

Okay, I'm trying not to be too obsessive about cleaning my girl, but since this is my first Harley, and I've invested a lot in the bike, chrome, etc., I'm curious about what "most" riders do... I haven't been cleaning the bike after each ride, but I am careful about the weather I ride in, and where I ride. I am wondering what is the cleaning norm for most riders? I would like feedback from as many riders as possible on what your routine is. The one thing that I am most concerned about is the wheels. I have the stock spoke wheels. I try to say on top of them, but I still notice what looks like a skim of rust in the grooves from time-to-time. My bike is for riding and enjoying, not just for show, but I want it to look as good as possible. Let me know what you do...
So far this year I haven't had to wash it. Twice I've had it at the dealership to add some stuff and they washed it free for me both times.

In between those times I've used a spray that is called "Original Spray Cleaner & Polish". It is the stuff that used to be sold by Honda. It's pretty good stuff and cleans the bike well. After I drove all day last weekend I had bugs all over the upper and lower fairings. This stuff took off the bugs real easy and left it looking clean as can be. I spray in on and wipe off with a microfiber towel. Try not to rub the bug crud around because the hard parts of the bugs are abrasive. Wipe lightly to lift the bug parts off and then turn the cloth over to polish.

This is the stuff but I get it for $5.99 at a shop in town.
Spray Cleaner and Polish 14oz Spray - 509000362

As far as how often I clean my bike, I do it often. If it has some road dirt or bugs on it, I clean it after that ride. But the stuff I mentioned above makes it easy to clean the bike up.

To clean the windshield I use Slip Streamer Motorcycle Windshield Cleaner and Polish.
SlipStreamer Motorcycle Windshield Cleaner & Polish - TR559000
It seems to work pretty good also.
This is funny coz I thought I had the perfect cleaning routine. Using all the right stuff. Till I came to this forum. I seen so many different products and procedures. Also I've try ed them all...I wanted something that really did work, and because I have a Black and Chrome bike I am really particular. I would spend up to 4 hours when I would clean the bike. Using all types of products...everything from s100, pig snot, Capt Richards super duper something...Bam Bam Thank you ma'am, and Thunderbolt polish sooo many I've lost count. While all worked pretty good. Still I did not find one thing that did it all. Till now that is...I found a product that did it all except the tires. The stuff is called " Purple Slice". I want to tell you I went from 4 hours of frustration to about 45 minutes of looking at a unbelievable shine. I can't believe it honestly...and noooo I don't sell this but heres their web site..Pricey? Yup! but worth every penny...JMHO...

Purple Slice I don't understand how I can spray this stuff on dirt and will remove it leaving no scratches or swirls. I use it on the painted finish and the Lexan windshield...and bugs come right off, as did some tar I got on my pipes. I'm sure there other stuff out there thats as good I just ain't found it yet. So I think they sell a small sample type bottle on their site I bought it at a Motorcycle Rally in Texas. Hope this helps ..."Good Luck " !
I try to clean my girl once a week or so, depending on the amount of riding I do. I never had to wash it and Im not a "rain rider" either. My favorite site after this one is almost daily to see when I can and cant ride.
I use Eagle One "Shine As U Wipe" and "Lucus Clear Coat Intensifier" with detailing towls that are made to be extra soft.
My bike might be labeled as a "L.A.M.B." (Look At Me Bike) to people but hey, I look at it as a MAJOR investment and I take alot of pride in my girl.
Ride safe.
When I'm home mine are "everyday" drivers. I ride in anything except snow. When it gets grimy I wash it. I like to bike to look nice when possible but that comes second to riding it. I don't care about what the weather is doing and whether the bike will get dirty if I ride. The whole point of owning em is to ride and enjoy em not to show em. JMO
Here in WA, if you don't ride in the rain, you don't ride 80% of the year. Cleaning, for me, happens once a week. If I have to do a complete wash, she always gets wax. Wax, wax, wax. Nothing protects like wax.
Here in WA, if you don't ride in the rain, you don't ride 80% of the year. Cleaning, for me, happens once a week. If I have to do a complete wash, she always gets wax. Wax, wax, wax. Nothing protects like wax.

Hey CC500 --- What wax have you found to be your favorite for the climate your in?
It depends on the temp. Even though it probably doesn't work any better, I like the old hard wax like Carnauba (Sex wax). Mostly, I use a tube of McGuiar's (I'd have to look to see exactly which one). On the chrome, I use a commercial grade glass cleaner. I should wax it too but I'm too lazy.
I'm thinking about getting one of those polishing balls you put on a cordless drill, to speed things up.
BTW- today was the 1st day this year over 60deg (I think it hit 75). There's nothing better than taking off the windshield and cruising the back roads in a t-shirt.:D
Try to keep them clean and shined up.
But good weather is for riding bad weather is for cleaning.
If it comes down to clean it or ride it ride wins everytime

I will have to 2nd this! My bike feels the same dirty or clean but I do like for it to look good so I use Liquid Glass a few times a year (this stuff lasts) and usually wash or wipe it down once in a while.

Liquid Glass is awesome stuff that is not a wax but gives a glossy Deep Finish that protects the paint and chrome. This is one of my bikes cleaned with Liquid Glass