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    I've got a 2007 Ultra about 20,000 miles. The bike shuts down while riding the motor stops and of course I loose speed, in about a minute or so the bike starts up bye it's self and everything is good again. This has happen about three times now this year. The weather was fine no rain, had not washed bike so water short is out. There does not seam to be any rime or reason as to when it goes out. Any suggestions or anybody else have this problem.
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    Couple of quickies.

    What was the last thing done to the bike in the way of mods or adds/removals?

    Check the codes:

    04-07 HD DTC Codes and Activation - Harley Davidson Community
    09-08-07 DTC Codes - Harley Davidson Community

    Then disconnect, wire brush clean, and reconnect both ends of both battery cables (neg. off first, on last).

    Let us know.

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    Does your bike have security option? Could be something w/ignition switch too - as TQuentin1 suggests, check for codes & ensure battery connections are tight. If you're not too mechanically inclined - might be one for the HD service crew to look at. Good luck!
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    That wouldn't be the TOP GUN service crew would it? :D:D

    (the ones that charge the Big Bucks!)
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    Before you take it to the dealer, check everything you can, and make note of what you did, and checked, no sense paying the dealer to check it again @ $75 an hr
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    OK Guys,

    Thanks for the reply's.. I have not added any electrical items. The bike does have Stock security system battery's are new in Fobs. Battery cables tight and clean. Looks like I've got some codes to run. Thanks for the help. I will check the codes and get back to you in a few days. I have heard that the Main Fuse 40 amp was not heavy enough and that HD recommend putting in a 50 amp fuse,Any truth to this? Thanks again.

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    Do not change out the main fuse...it COULD void your warranty. The 50A scenario was back when new electronics just added were not as efficient, with the introduction of EFI system, ECM (electronic computer module) and ignition & TSSM modules putting a high load on the electrical system at the time. Authorization was via a Service Bulletin for specific year and model. Technology has moved on, efficiency has improved and electrical harness losses lowered, HD would not continue with an undervalued fuse protecting the spine of the electrical system.
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    "The Bike Shuts Down". Need more detail on what this means.
    (1) The Engine quits and so does the lights, dash, & instrumentation?
    (2) The reaction the bike takes is similar to flipping the KILL switch but the kill switch has not been flipped?
    (3) Does the speedo display loose current time.
    (4) Does the bike have any issues other than it suddenly quits and leaving you on the side of the road. Meaning when the bike is running,,, all is well. No misfiring or surging?

    OK so the bike quits and your over at the curb.
    (5) What exactly happens if you DO try and re-start it?
    (6) Will it CRANK?
    (7) Are the headlights ON while the engine Will or Will Not crank?

    Retrieve and codes that may be stored in the error log.
    (8) Are there any codes. If so what are numbers. Then Clear the error log and keep a close eye if any codes re-appear quickly.

    Happening only 3 times in the past 10 months does mean it will take some effort on your part to iron out this problem. You must collect as much info as you can at that moment of failure.....

    Taking it to a dealership will mostly result in a "no trouble found" trouble ticket since the problem is so intermittent.
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    Ok I checked the codes and had no codes posted on any of the diagnostic codes.


    1. The engine quits and so does everything else The best I can remember as in I am quite busy looking to not get run over.
    2. Kill switch Yes the Bike acts like the kill switch has been switched off
    3. ???
    4. (5,6,7,) No other issues The Bike shuts down at highway speed and then restarts after a minute all bye it's self. I do not have to restart and it has never left me on the side of the road..

    I have two other friends that have had the same problem. A 2006 Ultra
    and a 2000 Ultra They have not resolved their problem either.
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    I am not sure you understand what I am asking you.

    You said "the Engine quits and so does everything else....Plus it acts like the kill switch has been switched off".

    Answers to BOTH questions 1 &2 can Not be "YES" because when you flip the kill switch, it does not kill your headlight.

    When you say the Bike starts all by itself, are you saying you do NOT have to press the Right grip starter button? The starter pinion engages on it's own?