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    So I was riding home from work last night, enjoying the cool breeze and avoiding the crazy cagers when I got to thinking how lucky and blessed I am to have come across this site, the great moderators here, and all the great guys and girls that read and respond to every post.

    I can say last year I took a break from riding for the most part (promise to the wife after some things) and did not spend too much time here, but still the occasional drop-in and troll. Now this year, back to riding full swing and this is one of my daily must read and catch up places once again.

    With that all said I thought it would be an interesting discussion just to see what you have learned/enjoyed/completed since you joined this forum with the great advice from the many moderators and other members.

    For me, I am by no means a mechanic, usually a mess up and learn as I go type of guy, but I had done quite a bit of work on my old car, so not afraid of the wrench by any means, however I will say I a bit more nervous doing work on the bike as I know doing something wrong could mean a whole lot worse. Despite that anxiety here are just a few of the things that I can think of that I have done and learned by monitoring and commenting on this site.

    Learned about and Completed
    • Lots of great information about the correct oils to use
    • Complete oil service all the way around, not even a hesitation
    • Spark Plug replacement, just for safe keeping
    • Full forward controls install, no shortcuts, created my own tool and managed to get it all back together and working
    • Wide Tire Kit on the rear. I did learn it was not necessary, but being the way I am had to do it the kit way, so full rear tire removal, put the kit on (dealership mounted tires on new rims), remounted the wheels (lots of great info here for that)
    • Front wheel re-mounted properly thanks to some great glider advice
    • Batter tender - Never really knew about this if not for the site
    • Mustang seat, easy install, but lots of great info on seats here

    Now all the other stuff
    • Lots of part recommendations (bags, seats, shocks...)
    • Engine information in general (if I am ever ready to move to Stage 2 I will definitely be reading the many posts here more closely. Most of the time my head spins reading about the work, but it sounds right on with the right guys to direct the path
    • All the things I wish were never done to my bike in the first place...buying used and learning after the fact there are somethings that just could have been done better
    • Bike sales, part sales....always some good things to learn here
    • Electrical...this is another one of my do not know much areas, but a tremendous help
    • Helmet suggestions and other gear - I start to want to buy a new helmet almost every year. I have 3 kids now, oldest 5 and want to be around for a while so this is an area that I am almost looking for the best protection
    • Riding tips - Along the lines of above, I feel much more confident thanks to many tips that I try to use every day I ride based on discussion here. this is only my 2nd full year of riding (only 7K miles that I put on my bike) so plenty of opportunity for improvement.

    There is probably a bunch more and much more to come over the next several years, but this is my way of saying thanks to everyone here, especially the moderators and regular posters here. :thanks

    Now lets see what you have learned.
  2. glider

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    Great post. It should lead to some interesting things.:D

    Lemmesee, I've learned a lot too.

    RichardS likes to talk...:D

    Bubbie likes pork chops...:D

    Jack likes to type in caps...:D

    Hoop is great with electricity...:D

    Hob has hairy feet...:lolrolling

    I can't hide anything on the site that can't be found...:s

    Keyboards don't last me too long...:59:

    Advil works great for headaches :lolrolling
  3. R. Lewis

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    Look in the self-help section BEFORE typing a question!!!! :D
  4. softailhog

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    Don't use bad language or your name will appear in RED or you might even see the POOF!!
  5. jaceddie

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    I've learned things to help me keep my bike in working order.
    I've learned things about safety.
    I've learned of places to travel to.
    I've also learned how to type better.
    But best of all, it's a nice place to visit just to relax and chat.
  6. fin_676

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    Lots of stuff
    but the best is that there are a lot of great people out there in internet land and i get to hang about with the best of them for a couple of hours every evening
    thanks guys for being there

  7. whatyardwork

    whatyardwork Banned

    Great topic!

    This sight has saved me alot of time and money.Thanks to all the moderaters for there time and experience.Instead of trying to diagnose things on my own, like I did for too many years.I now have found a place where you can come and ask a simple queston without getting flamed.

    What a great sight!!
  8. Cleftwynd

    Cleftwynd Banned

    I have only been here briefly, and leanred a lot already...

    But most of all, I have learned there a lot more great 99%ers around than I would have guessed.
  9. 92FXRS

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    Ditto YardWork,
    This forum has given me the confidence to tackle any project on my bike
    (ex. front fork seals, changing brakes, replacing rear wheel bearings & seals, changing oils, etc).
    Asking for help or suggestions here is like talking to friends all over the world that really give a darn & care about your problem enough to give Great advise.
    Also, there is no language issue to deal, with like someone calling you a .......,
    for asking a "may seem obvious" question
    Thanks to all the Mods & everyone else that contributes on this site. You've built it into the BEST !!!!!
  10. futurerider

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    Fluid changes.
    Why more fuel cools an engine.
    Forums are addicting.
    Good people everywhere and have great stories to share.
    Just about everything I know about my bike I learned from here.
    Thanks everyone