Waterproofing boots and gloves

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    I did a search and came up pretty empty

    It is getting to be that time of year up here, where I will get rained on (yesterday for one). I know I should get rain gear, but the only things that really get wet are my gloves, boots, and pants. Chaps will solve the pants, but what products do you folks use to waterproof your boots and gloves?
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    I wear waterproof boots and they have seen a lot of water this summer and never let me down
    they are Magnum elite wp they are a military style of boot and are comfortable for hiking over the hills as well as riding my bike i have had mine for a few years and seem to wear well
    for waterproofing leather i would use stuff called dubbin
    Dubbin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    but it will need regular re application

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    This thread has been bantered about before, but I will add my $.02 again.
    Mink oil is not supossed to be used, because it will brake down the leather over time. I was told to use a product called Snow-Seal. It does keep the moisture out of the leather but will not improve the design of the garment, meaning if it lets water in, water still gets in.

    I ordered my NEOS a week ago but have not seen them yet.
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    They sell boot wraps. I've never had time to put anything on except my top rain jacket before it's raining. Long as I keep my upper body dry I'm pretty much ok for riding.

    But for going somewhere (like work) and showing up with wet pants and socks, well guess I'd have to put all the stuff on before I left for that.
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    I've had good water proofing results with Sno-seal on my boots. However, I've noticed boots treated with Sno-seal seem to make my feet hotter. Camp Dry (aerosol) keeps me dry and feels like the leather still breathes.
    I also have a pair of Magnum waterproof boots like Fin mentioned. They are real comfortable and totally waterproof. Not too expensive either.
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    For boots, there's a product called Bees Wax ( not sure if it actually is or not ) you can get in most grocery stores in the section they sell shoe polish. It comes in a metal tin.You smear it all over your boots coating well, then use a hair dryer to melt it into the leather. It's a little bit of work, usually lasts a season but it WILL keep the water out.
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    Dubbin is the best thing for leather boots. Harley has products for seats and leather trim. The best thing I found for bad weather riding is a pair of Viking bib-coverall rain pants. I can take them off & on with my boots on, and there is a fly that actually works. (which is important when you are a 55 year dude on a dyna). Gloves can be tricky as well, but heated grips is the way to go. I do have problems finding something for my leather jacket. Sugestions??
    Getting wet reminds me that I'm free and alive!!!
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    For your boots you can get some gators to cover them. They help a lot.
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    I use Vaselin cheap and good.
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    I used to hunt a lot when I was younger and I have tried bees wax and Snow Seal and although they are good products, my feet would still get wet because the water would come in through the seams & stitching. I would suggest buying a pair of GoreTex boots or even much cheaper boots with a waterproof membrane. Same with the gloves, jacket & pants. Goretex or something similar.
    Not to mention that they are breathable so you won't sweat. Keep in mind that those products won't protect you if you go down! I will wear an inexpensive rain jacket over my leather jacket. Same with the leather chaps ( if it's cold), rain proof pants over then too. Also, I agree with the gaters for your boots but they can be cumbersome but if you buy a good black boot that has waterproof lining, you should be good to go.