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    I bought my Harley because that bike was a staple in my life growing up. My dad wanted one so bad, in the summer time it was all he talked about. When the day came that I could actually afford one I jumped at the chance.

    I told you that so that I could tell you this. Within my little group of friends, I was the first to purchase a bike. Only one other bought a Harley (most of these guys are deployed right now, so riding with them is not an option) the rest bought Yamaha's or Honda's. No big deal, I like to ride and I could care less what it is you ride. Well the two guys I ride with the most have this stigma about Harley's, we're all stuck up, our bikes are ALL made in Japan, Harley is garbage, etc. etc. It gets old. They both have Yamaha's (stratoliner and a Warrior) and neither of them will ride with me unless they are both together. I guess it's a strength in numbers thing. And when we go out they talk about how their bikes are faster (I don't care, I didn't buy a crotch rocket, I'm not trying to go fast) when we park at a biker friendly establishment they go out of their way to park their bikes away from the Harley's, it's down right annoying.

    The way I see it is these "other" bikes are the ones that have the problems with us. "You only buy a Harley to fit into a mold" I need some good come backs or something, I'm getting verbally beat up when we get together. Look, its either I get good with the verbal judo or I'm blowing both their bikes up. :small3d011: :s
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    Sounds like your "friends" need to get a grip. Never worried about the brand bike someone else rode. It's their money and their ride in my book. I don't run down "other brand" bikers and sure don't expect them to to it to me.

    Good luck on the verbal sparring. Might start looking for some C4.:D
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    Unfortunately, a lot of Harley guys brought some of this on themselves. You know, the kind of treatment you're receiving now was aimed at (and still is) the "other" makes. That's one reason I really don't have a problem showing up at an almost exclusive HD event or something on the old ratty Virago. Park up next to the shiny new HD with about 1000 miles on it. Wait for comments about why I ride such a piece of crap. I answer, (politely) because I want to. Then ask why do you own something that nice and then don't ride it. Other than to a toy run or show up for a hot dog at the local dealer on Sat. Tell'em I've gone through 3 speedos, so I can't be real sure of mileage, but I can guarantee more than a few thousand. Then see the same guys next week somewhere and I'm on the Dyna. Keeps them guessing.
    Now the HD guys who actually ride, they'll look at the KJS intake with a Harley carb and say cool or laugh when I use a 6" extension to jump across the solenoid contacts to start it up. These guys like bikes and we might end up riding together. The other guys, nope, won't ride with them.
    I have a cousin who rides a fancey V-Star type. His group won't ride with a HD. I won't ride with him.
    Refuse to ride with these guys. Not because of their rides, but because of their attitudes. They may be great guys, but seem like lousy friends.
    Then again, maybe I have a lousy attitude.
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    Thanks Lew.
    Now to get to the down and dirty. Where are you in Iowa?
    Reason I ask is in April I plan on being in Denver, Ia for a couple days. Planning on picking up a Wags trailer.
    If you were close, I'd buy ya lunch and a cool one.
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    I get that sometimes myself. When I get enough, I ask them "How many 20 year old Hondas are running around."

    Nuff said. :D

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    Other than the bikes themselves, I ride Harley for the WHOLE package. My son thinks the sun rises and sets on the BMW bikes. When I am up riding on the BlueRidge Parkway I SEE MOSTLY HARLEYS. EVERYBODY WAVES AS YOU RIDE BY...On any Saturday during spring and summer every Harley dealer within 100 miles of here is packed. It's like a fraternity with the HOG Clubs... the state meets... Daytona Bike Week... Sturgis. There is a BMW dealer less than a mile from my office and usually never more than a bike or 2 there. They sells bikes but I just never see them on the road. Owning a Harley seems you make thousands of friends the day you ride your bike home.
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    Agree with everything that has been said. As a comeback you might want to just ask them what their bike is actually worth...Harleys hold their value 10 times better then any crotch rocket or metric cruiser.

    Then you could always say, "what kind of bike is that?...Oh right looks like every other one out there."

    For the speedster that say you bike is go ahead have fun racing away to follow behind the cage in front.

    Oh, after the ride, how's your back feel, why not a 3-4 hour ride...

    You have to point to the things that draw you to the Harley over the others. I with you, I went with the Harley for overall love of the designs, name...I would not settle for a metric for resale value reasons. Enjoy your ride! Ignore what the others say is always the other option.
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    When someone says, with that "holier than thou" tone of voice, "I ride a Honda"....
    I reply (speaking with a totally straight face), "What's a Honda?"
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    Tell them you had to ride the Harley, the Ducatti is always in the garage
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    In truth my buddies that ride the knock-offs started in on me first. I would have never said anything about what they’re riding. To me it's always easier when you have a little help from a fellow Harley rider but If they start in go ahead and hit hard by telling your buddy you caught so and so in the parking lot trying to put Harley stickers on his bike. I casually call them knock-offs every chance I get. Usually stops things pretty quickly. When price comes ask em how much they paid and before they can start the brag hit em with if you paid more than 500 bucks you got ripped off. You can always throw in there that your bike will be worth more 5 or 10 years from now than theirs was brand new... All in fun of course...