Transmission Plug Leaking

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Bosbury1, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. Bosbury1

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    Recently, changed the trans oil and replaced the small O-Ring on the plug and it leaks. Removed the plug, placed a new O-Ring same deal. What's up never had this problem before. Noticed some white thread locker on the bolt is that my problem?
  2. dangerdan

    dangerdan Junior Member

    Might a good idea to check the tranny threads for damage or thread locker. I would use an old tooth brush or fine pick to remove any sludge. Also check where the "O" ring seals fits. There may be some sludge .
  3. Nuke99

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    Check the new o-ring that is leaking after removal to see if is rolled or cut. That might give you a clue that debris is on the seating surface. Also, try using a torque wrench. It is easy to overtighten and crush the new o-ring.
  4. Bosbury1

    Bosbury1 Active Member

    In looking at the threads yesterday they looked fine with no wear marks. Will inspect tonight and place o-ring and get the torque value from the shop manual. Thanks
  5. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Try some brush on teflon on the threads
  6. Chopper

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    Jack is right on about using a little teflon paste on the treads before installing the drain plug, even the factory uses it, torque to 18 ft lbs, more torque is not going to help the it seal any better, make sure you are using a new 11105 o-ring, and be careful not to cross thread the drain plug going in, they are hard to feel on a softail between the shocks. When your done wash off the area with some degreaser, sometimes oil can travel up inside the shock assembly and will leak back out for days no matter how good you clean the area.
    good luck.
  7. TQuentin1

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    You should not need anything on the threads since the oring should be sealing the drain plug against the flat surface. If you are draining the gear lube in order to change out the oring, take the plug over to the auto parts store and get a fatter oring (might want to buy some extras for next time!) that fits the oil plug. Snug it up handy, and then a wee bit more.

    Well, Chopper says to use some teflon paste, so try that. I would get some new oring also.

  8. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Most drain plugs are pipe thread its tappered, guess thats ` why H D uses teflon from the factory

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    First thing I changed out with the tranny/primary/chain lube was pitch that silly o-ring...put in a good metric fiber washer from Kragen/O'Reiley so there was a good amount of surface area sealing in the works. O-rings just don't hold up, and why waste time searching for or going to the dealer constantly to pick up a fresh part easily cut, damaged and does not age gracefully, especially if not seated or sized perfectly in a hot vibrating environ. If you do not like fiber, they also carry copper and nylon types as well, just use the metric sized one, fits tighter...just my way.
  10. Billbo

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    thanks Jack and Chopper for the teflon advise. ya see, my transmission plug is leaking also -- not a lot - just a few drops a month or so - but is dripping even with new oring. so is my primary case drain plug. I did NOT go back in the primary with teflon tape - it drips a tiny bit too. Just wait till next time and see what all I put on those threads!!!!!!

    Question for yall - can I put a new type drain plug in primary - one with shoulder and gasket/oring in my old 2001 heritage? that plug is a big larger than existing plug which has no shoulder - it just runs up in the case with teflon tape only.