too old for riding?

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  1. I was reading the thread how old are you, which raise the question of when you should stop riding your bike. I know there are guys who could ride until very old age, but with age you get slow reactions, fragile bones and so on. The worst part is that maybe you won´t be able to figure it out before its to late. Maybe at some point your ridind buddies will have to tell you, you are too old for this, hard call anyway.
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    It isn't how old I am. It is how old I feel. I worked all my life to provide for my family and give them what they needed. I am now retired. Now it is my turn. I needed a Harley so I bought one. I will be too old to ride it when you find me using a ladder to try and get on it.
  3. WHM1

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    You're too old when you can't find the keys to your Harley....
    You're too old when you can't find you Harley...
  4. horizonchaser

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    It IS a "hard call" Harleydoc and one in which we can only answer ourselves. I am 57 yrs. old and for sure, the reflexes & eye sight isn't what it used to be.But on the other hand, when I had my Sportster 39 years ago and my reflexes were GOOD, I took chances that I would NOT take today because of the aforementioned reasons. My enjoyment for riding and years of experience (hey getting older has its advantages) allows me to continue to do what I enjoy. Be mindfull that, depending on what you are riding, if it is too big, heavy and hard to maneuver, then it might be time to reconsider before you get seriously hurt.
  5. I forgot to say it, I am 48 and quit sport bikes. But When is he right time to get off, I hope I can see it by my self
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    Many years ago I was in Daytona and seen a older gentleman on a Goldwing trike. He was still riding with his oxygen tank. That when I decided I never be too old
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    I'm with Smitty. I'm about to turn 58. The Road King and I are a good match right now but when it gets to be too much for me I'll see about a trike.

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    At Americade this year the award for the Oldest Rider went to Leo Chlebnikow - Paramus, NJ (93 years old).

    I'm planning to win that award in 30 years! :D
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    I suppose I'm to old when I don't remember the wife and can't recognize my bike!
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    I'm right there also. Be 56 next month. I guess when the old leg won't swing over, it's tiime to call it quits. But that's becase the body won't let you ride. What about to old to drive a cage. Now, my dad is 87, has emaulac degeneration, spelled wrong I know, can't see, but do you think I'd tell him to quit driving. Heck no. That's all he has. If you took his car, he'd have no out. I've been trying to tell him but if the darn State keeps giving him one, he won't listen to me. So, when are you to old to ride. I would never want someone to take my keys and say I couldn't ride anymore. You yourself have to make that decision.