Thinking of selling my bike

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Irish Hog, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Irish Hog

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    Well I have been thinking about selling my bike and buying a couple of dirt bikes or quads for me and my son, he has been begging me for a dirt bike. I am looking at brand new duel sport Kawi and a new KLX 140 for my son, but I will need to sell my Harley to get them. I am really torn on what too do. I love dirt bikes and trail riding and I could spend some quality time with my son, on the other hand, I love my bike, but it is starting to get uncomfortable and it has been sitting more than it has been riding. What to do? This decision is killing me
  2. Butch

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    " is starting to get uncomfortable and it has been sitting more than it has been riding"

    Looks like you already have your answer. Besides, time with the fam now is time you can't get later - you can always get another HD later though.

    Good luck on whichever decision you make - it'll be the right one!
  3. gs34

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    Irish, I don't know what your age, or personal circumstances are, but thats really sort of irrelevant.
    Time spent with your children is never time wasted. And, it is something that you cannot put off until it is convenient.
    You have plenty of time for another HD, but your family will only be in it's present state for such a short time.....Make the best of it.
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    Gotta agree with all the posters so far. Family has got to come first. There are numerous days where I've checked the weather, got a route in my head, and I'm ready to head out the door for several hours when something comes up "family - wise" and the bike never gets taken off the battery tender. I usually feel a bit angry at first (selfish, I know) but it goes away VERY quickly.

    You can get back on your Harley in your 50's, 60's, or older but your children grow up every single day - don't miss it.
  5. xlcruser

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    Kids first, you will never regreat spending this time with your son. I sold my 77 Ironhead in 82 when my son was born and spent the next 19 years with him, I'm on a new sporty and and don't regret selling it one bit.
  6. Clint

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    Same here, I sold my Sporty when my son was born and bought my Heritage when he left for the Navy. (He just got assigned to the USS Carl Vinson!)
  7. Shifter

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    Heck, I couldn't even afford my first Harley until I was in my 50's! You know what you want to do most, you don't need us to tell you what to do. Have a blast with your son while you can. You only get a short time to enjoy them then they're grown up and gone!
  8. Redfish-Joe

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    The older you get the faster time seems to go by. Kids grow and then leave the coup. That is time that can never be relived. Bikes come and go, family is for ever.
  9. STEVE07

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    I always have had dirt bikes and rode with my kids.and I have always had a street bike.Nothing in the price range of a Harley .When I raced it was a family thing,now when the boys race we try to make it a family thing.I would never give up the time we spent together.Riding,camping,fishing and hiking.
    Now I wish they would start to leave home!!
  10. Slowrider

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    I couldn't agree more that making a change to spend more quality time with the kids while they still want to spend it with you is a change that you both will remember. My son and I still remember and talk about the things we did together. Hit the dirt and make some memories, you won't regret it.