The "danger" in cracking your pipes

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    I am a local police officer and it's that time of the year that our community has us out enforcing illegal pipes and the reving, or cracking of the unbaffled pipes. In our town, one of our local bars that has the reputation of being a biker bar (one of my favorites), was built next to a retirement complex. After a warm sunny weekend, and 100's of bike rolling through, our city leaders get so many calls about the excessive noise coming from the modified exhaust on not just Harley's, but all bikes.

    We have had training from our local HD dealer on how to ID aftermarket pipes without baffles, and look for baffles. (And they didn't like doing that!)

    Our town passed a local ordinance designed for modified scooter exhaust, and the eccessive noise.

    I'm not looking to put out the haters of this activity, but to give a heads up that many local towns and cities are passing similar laws. Fine for us is 75 bucks, and many we stop dont have the proper classification to ride, then the $$$ goes up!

    I have a Road King, with slip-ons and I use common sense when going through towns. Cruise through quiet-like, no problem because the SOUND is the problem. Most of the problems I have seen is when a bike is rolling by a bunch of other bikes, and he/she cracks'um to impress or show-off. When that happens, the seniors get busy, and it trickles down to us beat cops to stop it. And most of us ride Harley's.........Enjoy the summer and I hope to see a lot of you out there, RIDING WITH ME, NOT STOPPED IN FRONT OF ME:newsmile055:
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    +1 on what colnajoe said, I too work in law enforcement and sometimes we bike owners can be our own worst problem. Use a little common sense when running in town and you won't have any problems. Best not to draw any attention to yourself by cracking the pipes.:42:
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    GREAT post!! We are our worst enemy! Maine has begun passing laws governing exhaust. It is the knuckle-dragging few who think they are somehow impressing the non-biker public by blasting through towns and cities that are ruining it for the rest of us.

    It will only be a matter of time before your choice of exhaust is limited to what it came with. The non-rider public is far larger than we are. I love the rumble of a Harley, but some don't and some hate it. If we keep alienating the general public, they will legislate us to the point where it just ain't fun no more. My opinion, I could be wrong...:swoon
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    #1 Daytona has since started to push this at events, seems the locals wanted a noise ordinance I cant blame them back in the day I was one of those rapping his loud pipes as I got older I have no longer wanted to draw the attention of LEO I just want to ride and this is JMO
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    Thanks for the heads-up colnajoe!!!

    It's always a good reminder that such activities annoy the residence of a community. If only every rider had and used their common sense.
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    This is a great point colnajoe. I live in a small resort town next to a ski resort. My small community CATERS to snowmobiles and bikes to help bring in business. The last 2 seasons there have been so many complaints from the elderly around here, that the town board is in the progress of drafting up a resolution for noise control. Just seems a shame that a few have to 'crack' their pipes and bring reforms to us.

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    This is a great post. Not only are the loud cracks not exactly appreciated by the local town folk when we are traveling through town during the day but neighbors that live next to us as well! My house is on a street in town where our houses are quite close together....when I commute to work on my bike I leave the house at 0530....I actually coast her down my side street and wait to fire her up until I'm on the main road where the houses are farther apart. My pipes are not extrememly loud but my garage is right next to the neighbors windows......just trying to be a good neightbor!
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    Thanks to those who enforce the laws. My property abuts a four lane with a red light at the bottom of the hill and I am in the middle to the top. So guess what happens frequently. Maybe I can persuade our local law enforcement to try to crack down here. It is very annoying especially when relaxing on the deck. Most of the time I just want to laugh for with all the noise you think they are going 100 MPH. NOT!!! There is no reason not to be responsible as the posts here have shown that it can be down.....:s
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    I must say that for the most part, we work with our local riders. I've spoke with the bar owners and they post signs and warn thier customers too. If I see some parking or loading up, I admire thier rides while I pass on the new rules. I always get a thanks for the heads up comment, so I believe most know the deal. One we stopped yesterday was "borrowing" his buddies HERITAGE. No motorcycle classification, no insurance, and was wanted on a couple warrants. Because he cracked'm, he got tickets for all that, PLUS a $500 impound fee with 168 tow. Think before you lend your bike out, right? And "say no to crackin. ". I do not enjoy having my guys do that, but who is really to blame?
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    Agree...cracking the throttle on scoot w/loud pipes is no different than the "womp womp/heavy base" car stereo systems we hear on the highways. Just be considerate & keep noise-levels down...