Tailgaters, what to do?

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    So, I have a question, what do you do when a car "cager" is tailgating you? I have tried several different methods.

    #1. Speed up to over 100mph and leave them in the dust!
    #2. Pull over and let them go bye.
    #3. Flip them off and throw stuff at them, hoping to break thier window.
    #4. Shoot them, and get rid of one more stupid person that the planet doesnt need.

    Maybe I should have made this a poll, but what the heck...

    The problem I have with #1 is that when I slow down to the speed limit and relax, the (EDIT) catch back up to me and tailgate even more.

    The problem with #2 is that after I let them pass and I get back on the road either another cager replaces them and tailgates me again or I end up catching back up to the original gater and they are going ultra slow and once again screwing up my ride.

    The problem with #3 is the cagers tend to get very violent and try to kill you or they call the cops and for some reason it is illegal and the cops put you in jail.

    The problem with #4 is even worse with the cops, plus it is not good to kill people, even though when they tailgate a motorcycle they are putting your life in grave danger.

    I need some help here, and I don't like jail, so there must be a good way to deal with tailgaters and still be a happy rider...without having to constantly speed. I find that speeding is the ONLY way to eliminate tailgaters.

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    Simple method is to tap the brake lights on a bit (I usually double pull my hand or tap my footbrake as a warning, also do this as part of my double "alert" when signaling approx. 8 secs prior to turning left or right.

    I use the same thinking when someone is signalling their intentions, they must show at least two or three indications that they are going to do something. That way the only surprise is when they do a U turn and finish it directly in front of you...which has happened to me 3 times at speed and has to be the worst thing a cager can do to a motorcyclist!!!
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    Strap a 12 guage double barrow shotgun to your front end in clear view, it might get you pulled in L.A. but cars give you more respect then then you ever thought possible.
    A armed society is a polite society.

    Me explaining the Second Amendment to the LAPD
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    Carry a big handful of roofing nails in your pocket... and then do the hundred mile an hour thing! :D
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    This may seem dodgy but I slow down even more. They tend to get the idea after a while.
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    From the red light runners to tailgaters here in FL, it's tough out there.

    For the tailgaters on single lane roads, I usually hold my brake slightly for a few seconds as I have BackOff module and it will flash the brake light. If that doesn't work, I slow down even more.

    This week, I got honked at when I didn't take off right away when the light turned green. Guess what, someone blew the red light. I usually wait a few seconds when it turns green before I go.


    I've been riding for 34 years and got this trick from an old biker when I was young....keep childrens marbles either in the winshield pouch or in your vest pocket. One tossed over the head...they never see it and clunk...they back right off...problem solved...they think you threw a stone or something with your rear tire.

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    I generally slow down so there bad behavior doesn’t pay off. The most fulfilling experience though is when I am able to run the next light just before it turns red so they are stranded waiting for it to change to green.
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    As I recall from the late 1950's....Marbles came in different sizes. The biggest ones were known as "Boulders". :rofl

    Well I don't recall having had a lot of issues with tailgaters. However in a war between a motorcycle verses a car or truck, the cycle will come in last everytime. It is always best to arrive at your destination...of sound mind and body, 100% intact.:)
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    Should you run for an office. You got my vote!