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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bogiediver, May 24, 2016.

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    Customer service can make you feel great about your purchase and should still be important.
    Too many companies take a stance of "you bought and paid for it. We are done with you til you buy again" and "Have a problem? buy something else". Usually much more expensive.
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    Well Ive put just under 1500 miles on them. I love them. Still absolutely amazing. Once I dialed them in correctly, I don't bottom out anymore and no more back smacking bumps! I love them. Best upgrade I've done yet.
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    bogie here - haven't been on the site in a while...

    Glad to hear folks are liking the SuperShox. I had 25,000 mi on the original Premier set when I upgraded to the Premium set. Now have 15,000 on the Premium and still love 'em. The original set of Premier went to another rider who does about 20-25,000 mi a year for further reliability testing. Should be in the SuperShox shop soon for wear testing, but he loves the ride they have been giving him...

    As always - FWIW
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