Stage 1 is it worth it?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by so cal hoss, May 4, 2010.

  1. so cal hoss

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    My current ride is a 2010 FLTRX 2 into 1 with California emmisions.Keeping the cats in the head pipe I'm wondering if a slip on free flowing muffler, air kit and re-mapp justify the expense of these upgrades. Anybody in California have any feedback on these mods?
  2. Scrounger

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    I'm on the other cost, but I think the mods are worth the investment. The cats in the head pipe are a big limiting factor in my book however. You'll like the results much more with them off the bike.
  3. nvsteve

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    Yes, but I wouldn't do the re-map. Get a tuner.
  4. so cal hoss

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    Smitty, can you explain further what you mean by shortcuts? I was leaning towards the TFI, possibly a Vance & Hines slip on and the HD Screaming Eagle stage 1 air cleaner kit.
  5. 67wizard

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    Hey man I would go for the stage one plus contact Fullsac for his x-pipe, get it retuned. Keep you headpipe with cats if you ever need to reinstall them. I think you wouild have a smile for a long, long time. I don't work for Fullsac just passing along my happy results using his product.
  6. Animal

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    YES! It most certainly is.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    bubbie here, smitty grn. light is off for tonight

    I think the combination you just mentioned is Great!

    A lot of my friends and members here have had the Best results when doing a good quality air, good flowing exhaust along with the TFI.

    There are other fuelers out there but for easy install and a screwdriver adjustment,plus the $, you can't beat this one.

    I get good responses from the Many riders who have taken some of this advice on doing a full stage one with using the TFI.

    I describe it as Power you feel in the seat of your pants.

    I just had a sheriff friend in Az. install one on his bike. full stage 1 with TFI on his 08 street glide...

    When he asked me what he should expect , I could tell he didn't quite believe me..

    I said you will notice especially in 4-5-6 like some one turned on a mini after burner.

    He called me back and said I couldn't believe I was right.. Also his wife noticed a lot Less Heat coming off the bike(not running Lean).. Arizona 85/95* right now...

    I think you can find many different exhaust and a few airs to do a good job but the main thing i have found from the Many users, is the TFI.

    so You were right on with your set-up. IMHO

    no I don't get any Kick-backs from TFI but as many as i have told and they have Sold???

    I like the fact I have never had anyone say it doesn't work for a full stage one, nor disagree with the "seat of the pants" power.

    Is stage one worth the $$, I would say so a BIG boost in the performance + other benefits.. what a improvement!
  8. cdn-bigfoot

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    We all know California has some real different issues when it comes to emissions controls. How often do you need to have your exhaust sampled? Is it only on resale?

    You should be able to tweak your TFI to lean for exhaust testing and recertification but be sure you can stay legal. It could cost you a lot if you're not. I believe Cobra has a FI2000R fuel controller for California bikes that won't net you a fine or inspection failure.
  9. Porter

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    +1 on what Bubbie said!
    I installed SE air cleaner, TFI and V&H slip ons. I will never go back to stock. If you do the work yourself, I think it is easily worth the money IF:
    1.) You want to see how much power is being restricted from you due to emission control/running uber lean.
    2.) You realize that owning a HD is a bit of a luxury and as such are willing to trade some MPG for HP.

    Personally, I don't know the "inspection rules" for emissions in CA. If I had to go and be tested on a regular basis that might change things. If not, I would buy new headers without the cat,(save the originals) have them coated by JetHot (or similar ceramic coating) and then do the stage 1. I don't know if the emissions set up is any different now, but from what I have read on the subject of catylic converters is that they are designed to scrub the exhaust during the initial "warm up" of the engine, as they get hot pretty quickly, while the engine hasn't come up to operating temp. So, if your engine is running well and tuned, I would think it would be possible to shut down the TFI, by turning the "pots" off, have the bike up to temperature and get it tested (without the catalytic converter) and it should pass. I went through this with an old 1988 Wrangler. No cat on it and it would pass if it was up to temp. Just a thought. I know CA emissions is like a giant, retarded monster...
  10. RascalRKC

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    Take time to go and listen to the diffrent pipes, I went with the V&H Monster Ovals and they a very mellow.