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Sportster XL1200N?


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I would like to know if anyone here has had the chance to ride the Nightster yet? This is one bad looking bike. I am really close to buying one, as it is affordable, loud and low. Any input would be appreciated as this will be not only my first Harley, but my first bike!


I bought my two tone bad motor scooter two weeks ago. The orange/black combo is purely beautiful and catches the eye of all, causing a gathering everywhere she appears. The bike is comfortable, smooth and fast, (even though I am still in the breaking-in period.) I was graced by God in getting her right out of the carton in the color combo that is Harley Davidson. Wish the rain here in Cali would give me more time to ride, but I am learning patience. This motorcycle will be holding her value for many moons and I think is the best investment I've made in my fun factor for many years.:cool:
I bought mine last week also, had the dealer put forward controls on it, pick it up Friday. The only other thing I have planed for it is pull back risers and dragbars, mine is Black and Orange also.

First sight and I knew I had to have it!

I just ordered an xl1200n from my local dealer in the silver and black two tone. It won't arrive until the beginning of April though. In the meantime they ordered the forward controls and are sending them two the powder coater so that they will be black and match the bike. For anyone that has one already, how does it sound exhaust wise stock.
The dealership started mine up in the shop area. Sounded very good, not real loud but good. I'm not going to do anything with the exhaust. I was going to powder coat my forward controls but thought that they were so close to the chrome exhaust on the right side that I would leave them alone.

If you watch the video on Harley's website of the Nightster, it sounds pretty much like the one in the video.

Regarding the Bikers for Christ ridemates said to me first thing when we arrived at our ride destination today, "That thing is too quite, you're gonna have to fix that! Does that answer your question, (performance will be up to 10 horsepower increase depending on pipes.) Hacker is our local pipe guys in Santa Cruz and they just might be the best.
Did you put forward controls on yours Brian (XL1200N)? If so how do you like them? They set back a couple inches more than on my 2000 XL1200C, I'm sure I'll get use to them but right now they don't feel "right", if you know what I mean.

Oh, yea I got mine today, way to much snow, sand and salt on the streets to ride, but I got it!:D

No forward controls. Thought about it but with the handlebar set-up and the styling it doesn't seem workable. I have had nothing but problems with mine anyway. Dealer claims the battery was bad, I disagree and as of this morning, (won't start AGAIN!!), I am right. Haven't got much more than 110 miles on her in 3 weeks. She has been in the shop 4 times already. I'm PISSED!:mad: