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  1. gunnut

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    Anybody know anything about those iridium pulsar plugs??
    what they perform like,value for money,
    good or bad for my 96 wide glide??
  2. fin_676

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    Just stick to the stock plugs they are cheap readily available and work well unless you have done some radical engine work then fancy plugs will only cost more for no real benefit

  3. glider

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    All the fancy plugs do is to empty your wallet faster. You may have a problem setting codes with other than stock HD plugs because of the ION sensing on the Delphi bikes.
  4. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Unless you have high compression motor with hot ignition, save your money:s
  5. Axel

    Axel Account Removed

    I read a column in Thunder Press about how great iridium plusg are and that you should go one heat range colder if you've done any engine work besides air cleaner/exhaust. I have an EV13 cam so I tried some NGK iridiums, one range colder. Didn't notice any difference except about a ten percent decrease in fuel mileage.
    So I don't recommend them.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Over the years PLUGS have come and gone,,,,, JUST out to catch your Eye and Hope You buy them...

    GOLD, Platinum, Split, Needle post,,,,,you know the rest ,,,,MOST of the plug SAVVY riders stick with the "PLAIN Jacks" and get the most out of the MUCH LESS expensive STOCK HD plug (champions)...... Work better than the ""Magic Snake Bite"" types... Also Much easier on the pocket book and allows you to change out more often than necessary with the Savings!!

    that's my take! :bigsmiley40:

  7. Hoople

    Hoople Account Removed

    I just wish the HD 6R12 internal resistor did not drift so much. Not that I see it hurting performance because I have not.

    Contacting Delphi turned out to be a useless exchange in correspondence. I asked them if the selection of plug would change how the Ion Sensor would work. Their reply was they did not know and to contact HD.... Can you believe it. Of all the lame employee slacker answers I could hear from the company who developed the subsystem.

    I have found some great info on my own without their help about the Ion Detection subsystems.
    If this is an interesting topic to some, I will put it together and report what I found.
  8. RetiredJake

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    Let's hear it !
  9. billyd1

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    It seems like that resister drift would be sending false messages to the ECM causing less than optimal timing adjustments. I would use ones that I know are better in that regard if I indeed know for a fact that they are perfectly compatible otherwise.
  10. Hoople

    Hoople Account Removed

    Having 34K of resistance in the plug alone (not counting the wire) is in contrast to everything I know about ignition systems. Until seeing this Harley plug & subsystem, that would be a rejected number in every way, shape and form. I have never seen a resistor plug having 34K ohms of resistance. The worse part is not the fact it is 34K. If it was a fixed 34K all the time you could calculate and predict what the secondary spark line will be. But since it is changing from ~30K to ~7K as a function of temperature, how can you troubleshoot and predict what the secondary spark line will be. To me it makes little sense.

    Like I said earlier, contacting Delphi was of no help. I sent another letter but I am sure it will fall on deaf ears.

    I am finding more info as I go along with this ignition sub-system.