So what living thang or thangs have you ran into-- and at what mph?

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  1. OK ive ran into birds, a red fox ran into side of springer, rabbit, several dawgs during the course of riding-- hav'nt been thrown yet-- but came close. an missed deer by 1-10 ft several times.
  2. Redman

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    Hit a deer at 45...took flight broke my leg, right arm, collar bone, jaw....this was on a Yamaha enduro back in 79 or 80....ouch....had to just lay their for a good 1/2 hour watching the deer die and passing in and out. Country road in the fall. I am very reluctant to ride at dusk in the many deer.:s
  3. down here in nc espcially eastern half o the state deer collisions are not uncommon--- overwhelmingly the results are diasterous............ for some reason impacts with deer is like hittin a brick wall.......... huntin em i can tell u there is no fat mostly bone n muscel........... one quick deer collision story-- and if i say it-- its true-- my brothers best buddy hit a deer at 115+ as they and several others were road racin 2 yrs ago. this happened 20 feet in front of my brother.................................. it killed the deer,, permanant injury to rider-- at least he can walk now....................... they were on ducati's and had the habit of roadracin round the county on sat mornings. i busted his lil with the sportbike/bmw mentality--- i cant believe you harley riders wear those lil 1/2 beanies brain buckets--- so i shut him up when i said-- fine person you are to talk bout hd riders not wearing helmets and you and your buddys run 120 mph+ on your ducati's on public roads.......................................... yea baby-- i shut him up................. i say wear or dont wear what you wanna.
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    I have had many helmets and rarely wear one...was not when I hit the deer...broken jaw. I just dont feel as in touch with my surroundings with one. I do wear one when it rains...but thats about it..unless I am in a mandatory state or passing through. I know everyone has an opinion about this but I maintain to each his own....its a personal choice.:D
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    I thought I hit a bird one night at 70 mph. Turned out to be a large grasshopper. Hit me on the cheekbone just under my left eye. Didn't lose the bike but thought I was going to for a minute.

    I also hit a large pothole when going about 50 mph on a dark road. Took the bike airborne. Heck of a thrill. Kept it upright and rode it out.

    Both incidents took place when I was much younger and bolder (stupider). I learned the value of a windshield from the grasshopper and to slow down on unfamiliar roads at night from the pothole.

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    My scariest animal story happened in the late 60's in my Triumph TR-3. I was heading down this side road which bordered a golf course. I had travelled this road millions of times. At one point, there was a small bridge that elevated the roadway just enough so that you couldn't see the road bed on the other side. As I crested that small bridge at about 75 or 80 there, in front of me was what appeared , at first, to be the worlds' racoon population. I mean there had to be at least 30 of them. Now if you recall, those TR-3's weren't exactl;y known for their ground clearance. I hit those buggers, and it was like watching a pro bowlers event! Racoons flying everywhere! The Triumph came through without a scratch.....Lot's of racoon fur, but not a scratch!
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    I was thinking about one of those college racoon coats I used to see in the movies from the 30's
  8. ok yall ever heard of june bugs? well theyre ever where down south in the summer,, its a flyin beetle bout the size of a dme/nickel with a ver hard outer shell................ you wanna talk bout somethang that'll :::: bout take yer head off at 100 mph-- those june bugs pack a lotta wallop. i usually score bout 4-5 bee/hornet stings each summer-- that gets real exciting as well.
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    You guys are making me feel better about always wearing my fullface helmet now.:D

    I was riding in Ft Hood Texas with a friend once. We were supposed to always wear our helmets being in the military. I had a Yamaha Seca 750 and he had an older FLH. He stopped and took his helmet off once off post and laughed at me for being a "sissy." About 5 miles later, he was infront and almost wrecked right in front of me. We pulled over and he had been hit by what must have been a bird. His face was bleeding and eye was swollen up. He was okay and we rode on for a bit, but we headed home sooner than we had planned.

    I do believe it should be a choice. People can smoke if they want so why should you have to wear a helmet. I just choose to wear mine.

    Ride Safe!
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    For as many deer as we have in Ms I'm lucky I haven't hit one. But I have hit, a rabbit (30mph), squirel (50 mph) and came close to a skunk one time..........glad it was just a close call on that one.