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hey all, just joined up, I got a 70 FLH, kinda rough but all original, workin on the resto. My dad always said nothin like a good shovel if ya wanna get it done.
any other shovels here?:14:

Yes, offcoarse there everywere, shovels are still on the road but its just that there riders are getting older like the shovels, I think !!!

I'm Riding a chopped 1966 FLH found in chatanooga, Georgia in 1991 imported and riding it first in the Netherlands and the past 10 years in France. Great bike.

Made a little trip in Australia last march and april on a 1976 original FLH of 12000 km, the bike is still there waiting for us for another trip in 2009.
We have a group of friends riding shovels, have a look at
Shovel Owners Group, france.(sorry I'm not allowed yet to make a direct link)

History of HD's, restaured a 1936 flat, FXE 1976, FXE 1980, FLH 1973 and several cast sporty's.
Made several trips in the US in '91 (on the FXE 1980, 28 states 21000 km) and '92 (FLH 1973, 22 states 18500 km) in about 3 months time. NO PROBLEMS at all.

So I will stick probably untill the end of my life to shovels, its just the nicest mechanical look of an engine and bike.

as they say, " if it ain't steel it ain't real "

Happy riding (on a shovel offcoarse)


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:D Glad to see that the shovels are alive and well across the "Big Pond" . stripah, that aint rough you should've seen mine when I bought her back in '84, now that was rough:15: