Should I have my oil changed at the local dealership?

Discussion in 'Oil' started by GimmeFuel, Jul 7, 2011.

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    I called the local dealership, asking about the price of an engine oil change. Using whatever synthetic oil they have, the price came to about $160. Is there something incredibly complex about the oil change on a harley that warrants such cost? Would it be safe to just buy the oil and take it to a regular bike shop?
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    If you got plenty of money and little time then the dealer would be an Option. But I do my own. Check the links Don gave you and buy a FULLY synthetic oil of most any brand that gives you the best deal.
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    Dealerships around here want $430 to the 1000 mile check up, I personally think that is pretty steep.
  5. The dealership is costly. If you don't know how to change the fluids then it's the only game in town. Sometimes the tech will see something wrong with your bike while changing the oil, and this could be good (or bad) for you.
    Try and get someone to show you how to change the fluids on your particular model and with a few tools, ie the filter removal cap, funnels that fit the primary etc, you'll save a lot of money and be proud that you did it yourself.
    I wish I could replace the brake pads on my 08 EG with confidence but every written instruction I've seen on the web is different.
    Good luck with your fluids.
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    As far as changing oil is concerned, if you can brush your teeth, you can change the oil.

    You have us here to give advise and hopefully the factory service manual for assistance. Do it yourself and save some money.
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  7. Oh and don't buy your own oil and take it to a shop to have them put it in. They dislike that.
    It's kinda like bringing your own steak to a restaurant and ask them to grill it.
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    Why not change it yourself. With the money you will spend at dealer you can change all 3 oils and be farther ahead and your bike will like it better.
    This info will give you some idea how easy the service is:
    Harley Davidson Community
    Harley Davidson Community
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    $160 just to change the oil as in ENGINE oil only. That can't be. That had to be all 3 compartments.

    Even at $10 a quart that would be $130 labor. That can not be if you reside in the United States..
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    It's the truth. All three oils was like $280, though that did include gaskets and a multi-point inspection, but still...