Senior, Junior, and Jesse James go at it

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    OH OH bet this will be censored:p
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    Oh great --- two "over grown cry babies" who cant get over their ego's and a "womanizer", who thought Sandra wasnt good enough for him , that should get back to building functional bikes instead of "trailer queens"

    Just cant bring myself to watch the soap opera any more!

    JMO on the subject.
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    I watched it. WHAT A JOKE. 2 out of the 3 bikes (or so called bikes) could not be riden. The only bike that was one you could ride didn't win. Hands down JJ should have won.
  5. glider

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    Junior won because of the nonsense that is going on with Sr.and the voters leaned towards him because of this I feel.

    JJ had the better of the bikes (looks wise) but because he's such a jerk, I was glad he lost. Maybe it taught him something. :D
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    Hey, They get people to watch the show, [and talk about it] That's the real name of the game$$$$:D
  7. glider

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    I was very surprised at the "bike" that Sr showed up with and that he couldn't build something better.
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    I watched part of it the only night, still have not finished. IMO Junior just builds nice looking bikes. I would not want to ride them but he sure knows how to make a theme work and make some creative details. JJ is really just an idiot. He may build nice functional bikes, but he is an idiot and really they are just nice looking bikes, nothing special IMO. As for Sr. I too was surprised at what he was building. He lost his main designer and Jason Poole is not a designer, he is good at drawing, but steals his ideas from other things and does not know how to make a functional bike. That was proven with the Cadillac competition. What I saw of his so far is he took the bat bike concept and made it a trike or something like that...He also knew he would come in last which is pretty funny. IMO he should have stuck with what he is good at and made some old school looking chopper, he has made some nice looking ones in the past that are actually functional.
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    He used to be a great craftsman and bike builder and his attitude was equal to that. Its a shame that he has throw so much dirt around, especially against the choices that he made when no one had a gun to his head and act like he was forced into it. I bet the people he was trying to reconnect with has less respect for him do to the way he was so disrespectful at all involved through build off.... I was wonder if the vest he wore was a flak jacket????
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    I didn't see it... Sounds like I didn't miss much. :p