Rear Ended @ Stop Light Saturday 7/25

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    I stopped at a stop light Saturday afternoon & a woman in a mini van ran into the rear of my Road Glide . I was lucky enough to have the riders back rest on because it stopped me from getting thrown off the bike & even though the whiplash caused my hands to come off the handlebars I was able to recover & get ahold of the handlebars & regain control of the bike in time to avoid the car that was stopped in front of me . I came out of the ordeal with some middle back pain from the whiplash , I did not go to the hospital @ the time of the accident but I am going to have my back looked @ today because the pain has not stopped . As for my RG it seemed that the saddlebag guards did their job , the guards were pushed forward but they protected the saddlebags along with the rear tail light & turn signals , the rear fender is bent in where the shocks are mounted & the fender struts are bent along with some brackets , I was able to ride the bike home even though the right side of the rear fender was rubbing the tire some . I do not know what the total damage is until the bike gets inspected by the HD dealer this week . The accident could have been worse & I am lucky that this is all that happened , even if you are as careful as you can you can still get in a accident .
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    Glad to hear that you are here able to talk about it. The wife and I were rearended on the 401 near the Toronto airport. We had a small trailer behind the bike that most likely saved us from a lot of pain and suffering When we were hit the traffic was backed up 3 lanes across. Some young girl who had just got her license switched lanes and hit us at 60mph. The trailer hitch folded up on the impact and locked the rear tire. There was a 300 foot skid mark from my tire on the highway. For some unknown reason I was able to get the bike across the 3 lanes of stopped traffic and into the jersy wall without hitting anything.
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    Glade your ok. In most cases wiplash is more promenant after the first 24 hrs. I would contact insurance company and also take the woman to court for all my medical expenses.

    I was rearended in my truck once and by the time i got done sueing the pants off the person and reciving the first born, this person wasn't going to get cheap insurance anywere in the lower 48. I would meke her feel the finacial pain as long as possible..

    You need to go after her like a rabit dog..

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    IM & Kemo...glad you guys made it through...bikes can be repaired, and time will heal most wounds...and certainly you did what you could to prevent serious injury or the other...

    Was rear ended also, and also survived...but it is a sobering experience. I learned the the key to survival is the where-with-all to keep a cool head and DO something decisive...rather than be a bystander watching the other guy trying to take you out...
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    Glad you're OK Iron

    But I have to get this off my chest!

    Which is why insurance cost as much as it does.
    You make it a crusade to make someone's life (EDITED). Nothing to do with justice, just as sad response.
    Sue for damages if there are any but not for vengance.
    Accidents are so called for a reason, they happen accidently, stupidty sometimes or even ignorance but not on purpose.

    Please read this...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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    I agree with HH, that is why all insurances are expensive.
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    My insurrance isn't high at all and i have 3 cars and the bike under full coverage. But then again i have never been the cause of an accident. Yes i will have you in court and try my best to ruin you financially if you hit me. tuff noogies for the accident causeer.

    If you read most states drivers hand books you will notice that they never mention accident when when reffering to a collision because 99% of all collitions are preventable. Just like the ones mentioned here.

    Call me ignorant or anyother childish name you choose. The fact still remains tat if you hit me you will pay
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    Guys this discussion is fine,BUT make sure it stays civil and no one starts bashing anyone else or we will pull the plug on it and any member that is openly hostile to another
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    With a Name Like Capt Fancy Pants what do you expect...You my Friend are a LOSER............
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    No, it seems like you are the looser in this situation.