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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Breeze3at, Nov 21, 2009.

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    I heard there was a newer version (8.21) software update for the H.K. radio, so I went to the HD website, downloaded it, burned a cd, put it in the radio and it updated without a problem. Everything seems to work fine. Now I want to know What the update consists of, or reason for it. I was told it enabled the artist/song info to be displayed from home burned cd's and mp3 files (it doesn't). I can't find any info. on HD site or HK. I have googled every thing I can think of with no results. Does anyone know where some info can be had on version 8.21? I had version 8.19.
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  2. Breeze3at

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    Lucky you, got kids to take care of the audio technology. My wife and I struggle with this, I wish the grandsons were closer. I was surprised my update loaded and my radio still works.:p
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    This was the first thing I thought of when I read your post. I like my tunes too much to mess with the radio. My luck I'd trash the whole thing and have to entertain myself by humming my favorite tunes while riding. I'm looking forward to seeing if anyone really knows what the enhancements in this upgrade are.

    By the way, did the HD site have instructions on how to do this whole upgrade? Is it a "caveman operation" as Smitty is so fond of saying?
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    Breeze, please post the link to where you found the update. I always thought the song info came from the radio station not the radio?
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    The up date as far as I know is to increase the sensitivity of the VOX so it will work with the new HD behind the head head sets. Friend of mine bought the head sets, and that is where I saw the upgrade explanation. No idea what else it does of course. I was not to impressed with the performance of the microphone on the new HD head sets by the way.
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    Yes, I believe the song info comes from the radio station, but you have to have a radio that will decode/display it. I am way far out of my technical ability when it comes to audio and computer stuff but here goes......
    1) Go to Harley-Davidson USA | General Results
    2) In search box at top right of page enter "radio update".
    3) Scroll towards bottom of page to HD Advanced Audio System by HK, & select.
    4) Select right tab "software download".
    Follow the instructions. I must say these are clear and ez to follow instructions. Dr. D., if I did it, the Geico guys can do it, and so can YOU!
    The only difference I noticed was at the end, it says the radio will turn off and on twice, then press soft key next to exit to return to radio operation. I only saw the radio turn off once, and I never got the exit screen
    The radio takes about 7-10 minutes to complete the operation.

    I took a 2 hr. ride today and everything works like normal. Some radio stations display song/artist, some do not. CD and mp3's do not, but I think that's MY download-burn issue. I can't say I noticed any better sound due to this (one post said it was for vox clarity) update, but my sound is a LOT better because yesterday I put some 1/2" sticky foam insulation on the inside of the outer fairing, right behind the speakers. If I wasn't clear on anything, let me know and I will try to 'splain it better. :panic
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    The radio stations do broadcast the song information but the radio would have to have RDS in order to display it.
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    I had 8.19 and upgraded to 8.21 and didn't notice any change.

    The FM stations in the Dallas area must have that RDS thingy, 'cause I see the title and artist whenever I happen to listen to FM. CDs do also, but I haven't tried an MP3 disk yet.
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    I struggle with this stuff so if this is confusing please forgive me. It is in layman language. When I burn an MP3 CD for the bike I use Windows media player. As I load the list ready for burning I name each song and this enables the HK player to show the titles as i named them across the screen. Re the radio display, mine shows the radio/song ID up for some radio stations but not for all. It scrolls across the screen. I'd like to be able to either reduce the size of the font or reduce the size of the info in the "margins" to enable more track info to be seen at a time as it scrolls.

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