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  1. krazy3

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    I've been looking for a set of prescription sunglasses that I can wear while riding. Unfortunately you can't try them before you buy them

    Working with my VSP program at work, I found an eye doctor close that carries the Liberty Sport brand. They carry the Trailblazer model as well as the Biker model. I believe that Liberty makes the Rec Specs line as well.

    Before I get the Wiley-X and RayBan debate, I don't have those options.

    Just looking to see if anybody has and experience, good or bad, with those models I listed above.

    Thanks :newsmile011:
  2. Bobbiegs

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    You might consider looking into the Laser eye surgery then you can buy whatever sunglasses you want. I had it done a year ago after wearing glasses for 50 plus years and it is without doubt the best money I have ever spent. The really cool thing is that you can now have those great shades that you always wanted but could not wear. Just a thought, my two bits worth.
  3. AZDave

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    I have a close friend who did the Laser, now he just cannot drive at night the lights kill his eyes. He is one of the guys the small print talk about. I do know others who are fine, and love their new eyes.
  4. Jerry1834

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    You may want to look at this sight'

    Welcome To Riders Eyewear! :: High Performance Motorcycle Eyewear they are located in Bellaire Buffs Florida

    I just ordered a pair and I think they have a program that will send you a few pairs before you buy...if they are Rx. Price isn't bad either...Just ordered a new pair of clear for night time. Was getting tired of the Wiely-X pair.

    Otherwise I wear Ibeams and they work great.
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  5. Iceman24

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    Krazy3; I just went to my local eyecare store & looked for frames that could be used for sunglasses and helmet wear (i.e. wrap-around frames). You'll find most frames can also have tinted prescription lenses and I selected a set of Bole that worked extremely well & were very comfortable. Some also sell frames specifically designed for m/c riders (mine did), but I preferred the Bole frabe b/c it was more comfortable & better quality (metal frame vs. plastic). Good Luck!
  6. biscuit

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    Just as a precaution--check with your Optometrist to make sure YOUR prescription can be fitted to your choice of frames.

    I had issues with my last lens grind that couldn't be used with Wrap Around frames.
    I understand this is more of an issue with multi focal lenses,but ask anyway.

    Could save yourself some angst.
  7. 9FLHR

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    I looked and settled on a pair of 7 Eye brand with the removable foam. Biscuit is correct about prescription with wrap around lenses. The 7 Eye brand is comfortable and is great quality. Since I wear no line bifocals and the lenses change with the light, these are great. Also their customer service is great!
  8. jaceddie

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    I bought the Ray bans at Lenscrafters. They were the wrap arounds. Had my prescription put in, both bi-focal and distance. It was like looking through a fish lens. They changed them twice, but I could never use them, so they refunded my money. You can try them there, as they refund you money within 30 days.
  9. Lancer

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    I went with contact lenses so I could use any sun glasses I wanted.
  10. Haywire

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    I just ordered a pair of transition lens glasses from this outfit. They sent me 4 sets to "try on" to determine which I liked and then I ordered the pair I wanted with the prescription lenses. You just return the try on's for credit towards the prescription ones.