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Opinions wanted please


First off, I'm new on the site, now down to business.
I've been debating on buying a bike for quite some time now, a lot of friends have crotch rockets but I don't like em, worked as a cook at a waffle house as a kid and a lot of guys came in with harley's, those I always loved. I started looking around and I think my absolute favorite is the Night Rod Special and I've put it on order here from Iraq but someone here told me that they only are making 1000 of them for 2007, I've seen nothing about that on other posts, wondering how true that is. Secondly, I've never ridden a bike other than a small dirt bike when I was about 10, don't really count that. I'm going to have a couple experienced riders I know show me the ropes and take a safety course, is that enough to keep me from tipping the bike? Thanks all
You have some good ideas about the safety course first off. Common sense usually prevails when riding and a certain amount of skills too.

The V Rod is a great bike with all the advantages of water cooling but it never seemed to gain the acceptance of the die hard Harley lovers that the MOCO thought it would get. It is a very well crafted bike with it's hydro formed frame and the features on it should be applied to the big twins also. I'm sure you would love the bike if you get it. I would give some thought to resale value also on the V Rod as opposed to the big twins. I think this is where they fall short. Of course if you plan on keeping it for an extended period, then this would not come into play at all. Just buy what you like and enjoy it.

In any event , good luck in your choice and ride safe.
Thank you for your input, I talked to a friend back home who said he'd point me in the right direction as well, he said to get the sportster hugger, its cheap which is good for me of course, but I'm thinking it might be a bit too small for me, we'll see when I get home I guess.
hmm thats some good info, an older friend of mine recommended that I get a sportster hugger since I'm completely inexperienced, but now I've heard they're small, I haven't had the chance to sit on one, I'm 6'2" 180, not huge but tall, if they're as small as what I've heard then I just don't think I'll fit, also I'm thinking my friend has a good idea since the sportsters are cheaper, and if I'm unfortunate enough to lay it down, it's not the bike of my dreams so no big deal, I'll get that when I'm more experienced, thoughts?
well thank you for the input again, the issue isn't so much the price or that I won't get the bike I want at a later date, I will, the issue is simply which bike I can learn on for now, if I can learn on the night rod special, which after looking at some other bikes more thoroughly I may not get afterall, but if I can learn on the dream bike, I'm getting the dream bike, but not if learning is gonna cost me to fix it, see the predicament?
Hey "doc", Have ya give the 1200 Nightster a look?Been hearing a lot of rants & raves about that bike.Might wanta check it out.Just bought a 2007 Heritage Softail Classic myself. Absolutely "love" it. Good luck on your choice and ride safe, HI-Tek Rednek ( oh, and "Welcome" to the forum!)
As I look around the forum and the bikes that members own, I notice there are a large amount of 07 bikes here. Take a trip to the dealers and they also have the floor covered in 07 bikes too. Makes me wonder what the production numbers were for 07's.
My wife took the MSF safety course, highly recommended here. Hey, if You can get a new '06 for a better price, I'd go for it. The V Rod being relatively new should get better as it goes, IMO.
Brother...2008 Nightsters are arriving now. I bought a 2007, (#18 off the line) in Feb. If you put forward controls and drag bars on her she will fit you good. I have enjoyed mine and she goes like heck. Put V&H HS pipes on last week and now she roars!! I would suggest checking out my pics. Need to post updated ones, but go to your nearest dealer and ride one.:rider
G'Day docmaul...

Welcome to the forum!

I gusess there are two things I would like to say.

First, before buying my 07 Roadking this year I haddnt ridden for at least 15 years. During that time there was a bike of my dreams. It was the Roadking. I used to go into the shops & drool over all the Harleys, but the Roadie was the one that excited me. I waited all that time and finally bought the 07 Roadking classic last February. Now buying the machine of your dreams is is an unbeleivable joy. I love my King & spend a lot of time caring for it in the evenings during the week, I take pride that my machine is impossibly clean, to me it is the most beautiful motorcycle in the world! So, if there is a machine that you dream about, when you do finally get it you will have no regrets. Oh there were times that I though about buying a Jap cruiser like the Royal Star, I could have bought it a lot sooner, but you know, it would not have been the same.

Second, I learned to ride on trail bikes. My first bike was a Honda XL 185 followed by an XL 250, then an XR 500. My first road bike was a giant leap up in HP & weight... a GSX 1100. I didnt have any trouble making the change to the GSX because when I first got it I didnt go hard, I just got used to its power & personality.

So I guess what I am trying to say is, get the machine that you dream about, take time to get used to it, be careful & dont take risks with it covet it with a passion that you alone understand and you will be happy with your choice.