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    Let's use this thread to post any reports of the different oils that you changed to and what you were using previously, also what you found about their usage if you found a benefit like the shavings on the drain plug reduced, quieter running or lower temps, less valve train noise etc. different than other oils you used previously.

    As usual, let's try to keep this thread on target without excessive discussions and just post your findings on the products.

    Use the oil forum itself for discussions about the products themselves.

    Should be interesting.

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  2. dhorne

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    switched from harley transmission oil to spectro gs-1 the difference was and is incredable I don't hit nuetral going to second gear , no tranny noise and very smooth shifting , also switched to mobil vtwin 20w-50 from HD 20W-50 mineral, bike runs cooler , this was on my 2001 electraglide , two great products!!
  3. porkchop

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    I had changed my gear oil from spectro 6 speed to Lucas 85w140, 5k ago and was waiting till i drained it to give a report, there was nothing on the drain plug at all just like the Spectro in 5k. The lucas had smoother shifting at all temps and the famous gear whine in these 6 speed boxes was even quieter than the Spectro. The Spectro is a good oil, even better than the over rated Amsoil that i had tried but the Lucas 85w140 (dino) wins in my book and it only cost $6.99 at Auto Zone over the $15 plus for the other. Remember, this was only a 5k test on all the different Gear Oils I have tried with inspections of the mag drain plug and performance.
    So here is my rating of the diff.

    SYN 3== not good at all. Lots of metal on drain plug

    AMSOIL 20w50==better than syn 3 but not much,shifting was still notchy, still had metal on drain plug

    HD FORMULA+== better than the two above,shifting was better but still had gear whine, very little metal dust on drain plug

    AMSOIL 75w140== Pretty good stuff,shifting was good and gears noise at a min, no metal at all

    SPECTRO 6 SPEED==A very good choice but a little expensive,Great shifting and quiet gears, no metal at all on drain plug

    LUCAS HEAVY DUTY (Dino) 85w140==The best I have used so far and half the cost,shifting was like butter and the lowest gear noise of all, no metal on drain plug.

    I had been running the Syn 3 for the first 10k on the bike and then started using Amsoil 20w50 in all three holes. I started to experiment with trans oil at 15k so i was well past the brake in point when all these were tested.

    BTW, I also did the same thing with the primary and all i can say is stick with the HD F+ in the primary.
  4. mopar

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    I also have switched to Lucas. Very happy with their products.
  5. stefdustin

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    I went from Screaming Eagle SynIII to Amsoil in the engine and noticed a reduction in heat of about 15 degrees in traffic. This is according to dipstick gauge. I have been using it for about a year now and LIKE it.
  6. pigrider

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    When I first got my 04 Heritage the dealer did the 1000 mile inspection and put Syn3 in but transmission wasn't shifting right. Changed to Amsoil and run 20/50 Amsoil in all three holes for a long time with no problems. Still running the 20/50 in engine and primary but changed transmission to Amsoil 75/140.Trans. shifts a little better and is a whole lot quieter
  7. bobbeidel

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    I changed from Amsoil 75-140 to Spectro Platinum HD 75-140 Gear Oil in my 2006 Road King and I could tell a difference. It was not a major difference but the Spectro is better! I will keep using it!

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Well, I am always one to try new engine and tranny oils...
    1) Engine, after I got my bike 2 1/2 years ago, used MA JASO rated Dino Oils, as was customary with motorcycles having 1 hole for engine, primary and tranny. HDTimeline visit convinced me the error of my ways now knowing there were 2 separate, 1 for engine and 1 for primary/clutch/tranny. Since Mobil I V-Twin was not available locally and was very expensive $10.99/Qt at the time.

    Engine: I used Lucas 100% Synthetic 20W-50 Racing oil for $6.99/qt that is approved for use for motorcycles and Harley V-twins...for 3 years, no problems. Oil comes out pretty clean (but I do change it often every 3000 miles, and goes in pale gold, used comes out brown amber in color. Recently O-Reilly's Auto Parts had Mobil I 100% Synthetic 15W-50 on sale for $4.99/qt and so the jury is still out as I just changed to it only last month.

    Before I get a whole lot of flack here for going this route, let me explain...I am going along the premise that SoCal has very mild climate changes and my 2004 Sporty is my daily driver. I have never had heat control issues, after completing my stage I mods. Quite the contrary, because I have only 4 mile ride to work every business day, I do not get my oils up to full operating temperature except on weekends (though I have been in the Central Valley quite often, at greater than 110 deg F), so I do change my oil more often then what some would consider normal. Oil changes at 1/2 price is a significant savings.

    Tranny/Primary/Clutch: Spectrol Gold 85W works great, nice and quiet Dino/Mineral based gear oil it is compatible with oil wetted clutches, runs nice and quiet, goes in pale gold, drains out gold, with very little deposits on magnet. Could not be happier.
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  9. hogtyd

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    I ride a 2007 fxdl. Started it out with amsoil 20-50 in all three holes. It was ok in the tranny and primary, and very good in engine. Changed to spectro 6 speed oil in the transmission and spectro chain case oil in the primary. The difference in the tranny was astounding. The primary was better but not that much different.The only problem I have with the spectro oils is that there is only one place around here I have been able to find it, and it's exspensive. But I will continue to use it because it works soooo! good.

    HOLY DIVER Junior Member

    have always run mobil-1 20w50 v-twin in the crank case. tranny i started out using mobil1 85w-140 it did very good then i read all these posts about how good spectro gear oil was so i made the switch much better than the mobil1 the other day i serviced my dads RoadKing and i had no spectro so i went to the parts store to get some mobil1 they were out so i got lucas 85w-140 think i paid $8 and i must say i'm impressed with it dads bike shifts just as smooth as mine no noise the lucas gear oil is good stuff!