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    I have a 09 street glide and live in Florida. Thinking about installing a hd oil cooler. Can someone give me some feed back? Thanks for any recommendations.
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    I've been thinking of installing one myself and after doing a search. I found that the Jagg is a quality unit as is the HD. I believe the consensus was that for the cost of all the things you need the HD was a good deal.
    Check out this link. Not your year but will give you an idea.

    Oil Cooler Addition

    Good luck, let us know what you decide.


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    Personally I like JAGG installed on the Left front down tube and Your Choice of HD is also good.... Many will agree with you here....

    I also plan to install a FAN where he horn fits to keep my 09FLHR 96" ride cooler when in heave stop n go traffic.. OR just when i want to WARM my hands as Smitty901 does.......Ha ha, Just couldn't resist smitty...

    The choices of synthetic oils are a MUST in my book... I use All redline products, many here will say mobil-1 v-twin 20/50 engine and spectro for tanny and special marked FOR Primary or HD Formula +... All are good ones, A lot of different choices here BUT Please stay away from SYN3 as I (many others here) considered it a SIN!

    The oil cooler will Cool and using a full synthetic will also COOL..

    Just MY WAY
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    Just get a cooler built for a motorcyle and get a built in or inline thermostat and you will be okay. The motorcycle thermostats are fail safe.
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    I figure if the bikes "really" needed an oil cooler, they would come standard from the factory. I know some bikes have them but most don't.

    I did a cross-country ride in July and rode through the mountains and desert with temps of 115.
    Bike ran fine.
    I have an oil temp gauge and it did rise somewhat but not enough to ever worry me.
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    Quote from H-D manual

    Engine oil should be at normal operating temperature
    (230° F/110° C) for an accurate reading.
    6. Oil pressure should be 30-38 PSI (207-262 kPa) at 2000
    RPM and normal operating temperature.

    I have the H-D cooler, rarely is the oil temp over 205*f


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    go to ultracool fl.com or call em 888-630-1322 all oil coolers work the same if your not moving there almost worthless! If you are stuck in traffic...the oil cooler is not working...until now!

    ultracool has a small fan that kicks on & off as the oil heats up and cools down...it mounts were your Voltage regulator is and the cover can be painted to match the bike!

    LQQk em up

    :worthy go to ultracoolfl.com 888-630-1322

    All oil coolers work the same! But if your stuck in traffic they dont work at all!

    There system has a small fan that cools the oils when it reaches a preset temp them goes off after the oil is back to a safe temp.

    the other thing you want to do is runa good Synth. OIL like Amsoil NOT HARLEY CRAP OIL!

    Look em up and let me know what you think! there worth the $$$$ compared to a burnt up motor! 1 more time dont run reg oil in that bikeif it in the heat all the time!

    Syn. oil will also run cooler and Amsoil make a 20-50 MC oil
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    This is one of those posts that if you ask ten different people, you'll probably get ten different responses. I have the HD unit on my Ultra and it works very well. It's cost was inline with the other coolers listed in this post, and it was relatively easy to install. One drawback, you have to pull the crank sensor each time you change the oil filter. The HD cooler has an insert that fits between the oil filter mount and the actual filter. This sticks the filter out about 1/4", just enough to have clearance problems. That being said, I have found that this aspect isn't any really big deal. The HD unit, like others, has a thermostat that opens about 185 degrees and is fully open at about 215(?). Hope this helps....
  9. HDDon

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    I've been running oil coolers on all my bikes for years. I have an old lockhart unit on the 94 FLSTC and the harley primium on the 05 FLTRI. I truly believe that you cannot go wrong with any of the top brands of oil cooler. I also feel that keeping your oil (re: life blood) as cool as possible will add years of life to the air cooled engine. JMHO
  10. RibEye

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    I've seen this stated somewhat frequently. I don't see how, if the oil is lubing, one oil will run cooler than another. I run full synth (Mobile1 Vtwin 20/50) because it lubes better and can tolerate higher temps before breaking down.

    How can one oil run cooler than another. I'm just askin'...

    I'm running a Jagg 10-row, vertical mount, from their offset adapter with thermostat. I have not had enough time on it yet to determine teh difference in oil temp. I'll post once I have. One thing...get the anti-rotation bracket, but the offset adapter solves the problem with interference fromthe crank sensor.

    Rich P