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  1. mat 60

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    Here is a little story.....I've been running a small furniture store by myself most days in a small town in Me....For 8 years I have met a lot of nice people, and a few jerks of course....Anyway....I'm at my desk and I hear someone arrived in my parking area...I look out and 3 young men get out of this old beat up car and its so out of place for 3 boys to even show up here I'm thinking this is odd...So they come in, I say hello I'm Mat,,,None of them said anything...I asked are you guys from around here and you could here a pin drop as they looked at each and 10 sec later one of them named a town around here....At that point the hair on the back of my neck stood up...But i figure maybe I'm reading this all wrong...Then one of them asked me ....Do you run this place alone..I said maybe...Thay walked to the rear of my store and by this time I felt uneazy..I could here them talking so I walked out back and they stopped talking...Now I'm not a violent man but there was 3 of them and I will admit it put me on full tilt mode..I went back to my desk and grabbed a bat...I keep it handy and I'm sure I would have had no trouble going nuts on them if they came near me..I have never felt like I could hurt someone like this..I don't no how to feel about this ? To tell you the truth...I was well.........scared.....Does this sound nuts?..Thay left not knowing what I was thinking and of course they didn't see the bat.
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    No your not nuts,I think they were not proficiant at what they were thinking or planning to do otherwise they would have been on you before you had a chance to get the Batt, Always trust your instincts.
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    Sounds like they were casing your place Mat. Did you get their license plate? Be cautious!
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    You are definitely concerned and rightfully so. Call police and file a report.
    It may have been a mistake, but it could have been that they were casing your place. Have the police come to your business and give them all the information you can, especially the description of car. Best to you...:s
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    Well I wish I could say I would have smart enough to think about a plate number there for I didn't call the cops....I no ....You now the funny thing is I have no cash draw...Everyone pays with a card or check here ..
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    It's an incident like this that reaffirms my belief in the 2nd Amendment. Look, in no way, shape, or form am I suggesting that you go out and buy a gun, but by the same token, don't let yourself become a victim. These guys didn't just "chance" upon you and your store. As some posts have mentioned, you need to be prepared and to stay alert. Don't hesitate to call the police if you are in the least bit concerned. I spent 31 years in law enforcement. As you pointed out, the world has a whole lot of good, decent folks. It also has it's share of criminals. It's the latter that we need to protect ourselves and our families from. God bless and stay safe.....
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    You aren't crazy. That was your instinct kicking in, and their instincts probably read that you were not an easy target, and they left. JMO
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    My take on this is, [being born and raised in Brooklyn] You were almost robbed, But for some unknown reason they backed out, I think if they would have seen a cash register with cash visible things would have been different.
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    I have been thinking about this...I also believe in the 2nd amendment and also no if I pull it I better use it...I dont need to go buy aneything...Boy Its like Id realy half to have a plan as to what it would it take for me to shoot someone....My wife tells me to do what it takes....A person realy cant make a mistake with a gun...But on the other hand I want to be around for a while..As far as the home and wife I have that covered.Thanks Mat
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    It sounds like you have had a feeling that something was not right and perhaps it showed in your manner and perhaps they backed off from that
    Now you need to do some more to assist your personal security in this country a couple of security cameras one outside one inside even if they are dummy cameras may just deter a casual criminal
    a big snappy dog does help but also tends to scare the customers