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I have just joined the forum and i was wondering is there any Northern or Southern Ireland member in the forum.
Hi Hobbit,
You will have a great time, no spped cameras really to talk about,plus some great roads and scenery,very biker friendly,if you can give me dates near the time i can let you know of a few good rallies over here.
Hi Hobbit,
If your here in September here is a rally you shouldnt miss,ive been to most of the big Rallies on the UK mainland,but this rally is the best of the lot,great craic the whole weekend,the entertainment necer stops and the beer never stops flowing.
If your thinking of trying this rally book your ticket in advance,most of the English and Scottish club are booking them already.

Quay Vipers, Snake bite Rally.
Hi M
Welcome to the forum.
From Belfast myself but recently moved to Newtownards.
Riding a 07 Dyna Super glide custom.
Have fun bro
Hi M,
Last time i was on the super glide was in September when i was at the Snakebite Rally in Benone,i put her a way dirty and she hasnt been touched since,but whilst checking today no corrosion showing yet.
So the Harley quality build isnt as bad as they say lol.

Mo, just wondering are yee in any of the bike clubs around Belfast, as i know a good few of the members from these clubs.
Hi again Wolfy, must agree with you about the quality of the modern Harleys, it is much better than I first imagined. My brother runs an '81 Electraglide, he's had it for about 20 years. It was built during Harley's AMF years, still runs well and its all original but you can see the modern bikes are way better quality. Hope mine lasts as long! I have'nt been in a club since the early '80s and then it was me and a few mates, as I got older and realised that I'd have to work for a living all my riding was commuting - sort of lost the buzz of it - and thats why I made an effort to get my own Harley, its brought that buzz back!
Glad you refound the love of biking again,think the buzz of biking leaves us all now and then.
Im a members of a bike club and dont think i could have enjoyed the biking scene as much with out the club members,i think this year we attended something like 45 events,everone of these events left me with a big grin on my face.
We done 2 weeks in England Wales and France this year,looks like we are for Belgium next year,few mates want to attened the Honda Shadow International rally there.
Safe Riding

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Just got back in from a ride, that mist was cold! Noticed the pic. Nice bike,great colour. Also just noticed your reply on the New Members thread, so if you are out and about some day give me a shout.
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