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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Jim B., Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. Jim B.

    Jim B. Junior Member

    I have 6 friends who want to start a local Christian motorcycle club. They told the sergeant at arms of the local 1% club of their plans as a courtesy. The sergeant at arms told them that they could only join an already established Christian motorcycle club and that they couldn't start a new one in town. The closest Christian motorcycle club is 30 miles away.

    Considering that we are supposed to have freedom of speech and religion in this country, I'm wondering what, other than the threat of intimidation through violence, gives the local 1% club the right to dictate how a person chooses to express their religious orientation and beliefs.

    I'd appreciate hearing from those of you who may be familiar with this issue so that I can pass your thoughts along to my six friends.
  2. Carroll B

    Carroll B Member

    Since you are a member of CMA why don't you contcat the people at Hatfield and ask them for advice. I'm sure they have run into this situation before.
  3. Porter

    Porter Junior Member

    I find all of this truly amazing.:(

    What we do to each other and the reasons for doing it always amazes me.
  4. trickydoc

    trickydoc Active Member

    "threat of intimidation through violence"
    and these are Christian Clubs?
  5. Dr.Evil

    Dr.Evil Junior Member

    I only know from a History channel show called Gangland, but all the 1% clubs only care about other (3 patch) clubs. The third bar on the patch claims control of a city or a state wher they are established. They don't seem to much care about any single patch clubs such as your's would be. I would think with the good advice given here, you would prevail. You will need approval of your colors by the club, so make sure your's looks nothing like thiers.
  6. Porter

    Porter Junior Member

    Great question! I think it goes both ways:

    "Christian" as in "we should be nice to all of God's childern"
    "Christian" as in the religion that not so long ago in human history said the same thing: Believe what we believe or we will punish you for it.

    I am not pinning this to religion specifically, just using it as an example for how groups of humans act.

    I find it interesting that I am interpreting the information that Hobbit posted on MC Clubs is that one of the likely inherent tennants of these types of clubs is they should be a "threat" to other clubs.

    Perhaps I don't understand what a "Christian Motorcycle Club". Maybe a Christian Motorcyle Club is the same thing as a 1% club only they have church functions as well or they are all the same faith.

    No matter what though, this is some good information.
  7. 91a10

    91a10 Member

    .... rockers are earned bro..

    try to get your group together with no patches or colors ..
    ...have monthly meetings with dues and a few rules..
    ..take a few mandatory rides..
    ...see if your group can stay together..for a year or so
    ...then apply to the local ..
    ...if you have anybody left.
    ..getting into a club is a process at best..
    ..clubs got rules. good clubs got good rules.
    and 81 got seniority out west..
  8. doc_63

    doc_63 Active Member

    The one rule to live by is the 3 patch rule. Wear the 2 patches on your back. The center patch and the arch patch above it. NEVER wear the bottom patch, commonly known as the "Bottom Rocker" unless you're ready for problems. Only the dominant club in the area gets this privelege.

    Most true MC's arent concerned witht a few guys starting a club as long as the respect is given where it belongs. Just leave them alone and plan your events around there's.
  9. Cincyflstc

    Cincyflstc Member

    As some have stated on here already, catch up with the local 1% club and ask for a meeting. They will invite you to some gatherings and such and then allow you to sit in a meeting and discuss why you want to start a club. My opinion is to be polite and know what you want to say and know what your club will stand for. Kind of like having a business plan. Most will not allow you to wear a city patch but most will ok a single patch with no MC stated on it.

    make yourself visible at bike meets, bike nights and local runs and party's. being seen is the big thing.

    Good luck
  10. Blindrage

    Blindrage Member

    I am not an expert by any means, but I have been looking into MCs lately just to see what is out there.

    A couple of things you might have taken a misstep on...

    You went from nothing to asking to start your own club. You should have started slow and built up over time. Once you guys were known for hanging out then you could have started asking questions about making it official.

    30 miles is nothing. I ride farther than that one way to work every day. Get involved with the other club, and then look to form a branch or split after some time.

    All this can still work, but go slow now. You have already gotten their attention, and they will be watching to see what you do. Under no circumstances should you go forward with forming your own club since that would be completely disrespectful at this point.

    Last item, do not take their "threat of intimidation through violence" lightly. They earned their current status of top dogs over time, and they keep that status by allowing no disrespect. They do not have to hurt you to cause you problems, so do not expect their first reaction to be violence unless that is normal for them. They do not want members dealing with the police over some two bit club that needs to be put in their place. Instead they will start by disrupting you. Getting mechanics to put you at the bottom of the list, having parts for your bikes on back order, other little things just to make your life a pain. Their reach in the world of people that make a living off motorcycles is long. If you still do not get the message then they will step it up to whatever level they want. If all else fails, then someone in the club will be willing to do just about anything asked to get their colors.

    Show them the respect they deserve and you will have no problems. You showed it when you talked to them the first time. Show it again by listening to them. Sorry, them is just the rules.
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