Lower fairings or not

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by dauber, Oct 26, 2010.

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    Looking at purchasing one of the touring models. I like the look of the bikes without the lower fairings, such as the street glide. Thinking street glide with add on tour pack for long trips. Do lower fairings make a big difference? Seems those that have them don't want to go without them. Opinions?
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    If you don't have lower fairings where will you put the Lower Fairing Hogtunes speakers?
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    HD I believe make a detachable set of fairing lowers. Personally, fairing lowers are like the cats meow. Awesome equipment.
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    I know people that have Ultras, that take the lowers off in the summer time to get more air.
    I thought about getting a pair untill a wise member (Glider) told me to get a set of soft lowers $ 59.
    Great item, use them when its chilly or in the rain, and keep them rolled up in your saddlebag for emergencys
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    I didn't think I'd like them when I made the decision to get an Ultra Classic. Thought I'd take them off at times, but I've never found a reason yet to take them off. They're there when I need them and I'm not aware of them being there when I have no need for them.
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    Me too, I thought I'd be removing my lowers also so the engine would run cooler but I ran into this older gent who told me that he used to take his off so the bike would run cooler but he found that it actually ran hotter! He said the lowers actually redirect the air towards the engine. I haven't put that to the test but it made sense to me. Plus, I don't have the hassle of removing them several times a year! :s
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    I have a Classic and a while back I rented an Ultra in Milwaukee in the summer and I hated the lowers. If it were my bike I would have removed them. So if I were to buy a new HD it would be a Classic. The idea of the snap on flexible lowers for winter is a good idea. Since I ride in AZ, we really don't need all that cold weather protection.
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    I like the lowers on my ultra classic. I bought the quick attach kit for them. This year I took them off for the summer and put them back on a few weeks ago. I personally feel cooler with them off, but according to my temp gauge the bike runs a little cooler with them on. By a little I mean that the I can just tell that my oil temp gauge is in a slightly different spot. So, I would not say it is significant and having me feel cooler takes priority.

    The sound of the engine changes with and without them, so don't think that something is immediately wrong if you hear different things.

    They don't do a great job off keeping your feet dry in rain since you water hits in every direction, but they do stop the direct attact of water on your lower legs, similar to a windshield.

    With them on they make checking some of the critical fasteners and changing the oil filter a little more difficult, but not too much. About the only thing I store in them is a puck for my kickstand on soft ground and a couple of microfiber towels.
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    I had an '06 Classic with the soft lowers and they were absolutely great in the cold weather or when it rained. In May I traded it for a '10 Ultra Limited and I have found the permanent lowers not to provide quite as much blocking (cold weather or rain) as the soft guys; but I noticed there is far less resistance and may even provide some streamlining effect.

    I took about a 5,000 mile trip to Colorado, Utah and Arizona in July and hit snow and hail on Mt. Evans (was that eventful) and 105 deg. heat in Utah and was satisfied with the hard lowers in both extremes. Love the extra compartments, since my wife really hasn't discovered them yet. I'm normally limited to one saddle-bag and my windshield pouches on long trips.