Looking for suggestions on 6 speed, 05FLHRp

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by oldjarhead, Dec 16, 2010.

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    I'm thinking of putting a six speed in my 05 road king. It's a police bike and has lower gearing than a normal bike. Engine revs higher at same speed next to similar bikes. I'd like input on wheather a six speed is good idea or should I change my compensator sproket?

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    For a 2000 FXDS, I bought a Rev-tec 6 speed with door way back,, Many said it was Not the best but I did the thing apart while I had the whole engine down. That was a very good conversion and I set it up properly and NO problems(redline shockproof Heavy). Put 117,000 on that bike and ? 60,000 on that tranny..

    I Think (others chime in please) I would JUST keep the 5 speed and CHANGE the output shaft pulley or the Rear pulley,,,,???? on how they geared DOWN the Police Bike.. Bring it back UP to the gearing in the stock bike...

    If getting the gearing UP a little that by far would be a good way..

    They sell many 6 speeds inside a whole box for just about what I paid for my 6 speed gear set from JP Cycle Years ago.. I know TQ1 would have a say here..

    If you want the 6 go for it. I really ONLY used my 6th gear while around 65 so the roads here in washington didn't put that much wear on the thing...

    Had a guy ask me IF it was WORTH it?

    I doubt I would have suggested anybody to install the 6 speed that rode around at 40/55 as the 5 gear works the best there... Now, YOUR Gearing???
    I'd start there..

  3. TQuentin1

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    I put a 6-spd (SE) on my '03 when the OEM 5-spd started leaking lube out the main shaft. Probably could have fixed it, but I wanted a 6-spd and used that excuse. Should have done the Baker DD6 gearset tho' instead of the SE full tranny. They modify the case for the SE gear set which makes it unusable for the Baker gearset. Need the original 5 speed case.

    For my little bike ('91 Dyna), I am going with the Rev Tech gearset or whole tranny. My '91 tranny is shot, and I want an inexpensive 6-spd on that bike anyway.

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    The thing about motorcycles is that they are very personalized, chrome, pipes, paint, lights, engine mods, and the list goes on. It's you're ride and you don't need someone's approval to do something. You have to ask yourself what is it that I want and how much can I afford, or it might come down to do I really need this or is it something that just sounds good. JMHO if you do alot of touring where you can stretch it out and possibly see better fuel milage I'd consider the 6 speed, however if you ride alot of back roads, short trips, or heavy traffic areas I wouldn't mess with it cause you're not gonna use 6th gear that much anyway
  5. Jack Klarich

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    If it aint broke dont fix it IMO, 5 speeds are very good trannys and unless you do a lot of long distance riding you wont miss the extra gear, you can always change the gearing with the tranny pulley and wheel pulley if you like:s

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    ANY BODY Know???, How did (do) the police bike(s) change (lower) their gearing? Is it from the factory thing?

    The bike here in question states that the gearing is LOWER ? in every gear(RPM) compared to the stock 5 speed but nothing said on the year of that stated 5 speed that it was compared to.

    Police bikes? do they all have the lower gearing or Just Low gear?
    Or is this a One of a Kind bike?

    Just curious to hear.... Thanks,,, This Might interest All who read here.

  7. geezer

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    When you say they do it in the primary do they change sprockets? Could it be done with the front belt pulley?
  8. Redfish-Joe

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    It is in the primary. There are a couple of teeth difference between the 00 police bike I had and my nephews 02 RG. On the road, at the same speed and stopping for gas the same time I would wind up buying 3 tenths of a gallon more gas on each fill up. Not a lot of difference but I loved the the way the old police bike pulled!
  9. Chopper

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    In 05 I put a S/E 6-speed, HTCC heads, 510 gear drive cams w/big bore on a new 05 Ultra and the customer still wanted more, S/E made a race set up for the primary, it was a smaller comp sprocket and a new primary chain, well that did it, he was happy and had one of the fastest Ultra's around. He came in my shop last week and said take the race kit out of the primary, he's getting older and the power isn't as important as it was and wanted better gas mileage with lower rpm's on the interstate, well he came in this morning and said what a dog his bike is now, wants the race kit put back in his primary LOL I think we've all been their, why did I do that??????
  10. R. Lewis

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    Hey Chopper -- sounds like you might have to put a revolving door in your shop for that ol' boy!!!! hahaha :panic:panic