List of repairs to your bike - what are we all in for - no mods - just repairs

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by speakerfritz, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. speakerfritz

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    have an 07 ultra with 10K mikes. Last year, have had to install a stage 1 and SE " slip ons, along with a parade fan and oil cooler to deal with the heat issues. This year, started getting the crank bang grind noise at the second startup , if within 15 minutes of shut down. So a lot of folks have been replacing the compensator for this, some have gone large CCA batteries, and some install compression release. A handful bump the bike before startup if the bike is already hot (apparently at shut down, the bike stops spinning just
    before the compression stroke TDC, so bumping the bike in gear pushes it over TDC, and the starter can do a pretty good spin up of 2 rotations before the next TDC compression stroke.

    so in googling around to understand the crank bang grind problems, it seems like the 07 and later bikes have a lot of early repairs. Lots of inner primary bearings, starter replacements, stator windings, voltage regulators, etc.

    So what is your list of repairs to your bike.
  2. Jick Scott

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    2010 Road King, 14,000 miles, no repairs.
  3. doctordoug

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    Have an 09 Deluxe with 14k. Installed air cleaner, slip ons and TFI fueler. Didn't need to, wanted to. A STOCK Harley will serve anyone for a long time. We make changes but only because we like to not because we need to. These bikes will not melt from a little heat. That said I am adding a Jagg oil cooler because I want to not because I need to. Zero expenses for repairs. Only normal maintenance costs. Spectro in all three.
    Any piece of motorized equipment can break down, I'm not sure the newer Harley's are any better or worse than the competition.
  4. mat 60

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    I installed pipes air kit and fuel pack and it does run cooler but its not a repair...:)
  5. DakotaRob

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    26,800 miles on my 07 EG Classic... all stock. No problems. Nothing done but the recommended maintenance and tire replacement.
  6. BigMike57

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    56,500 miles on my 08 Ultra. New wheel bearings @ 26,000, New in box 06 Street Glide mufflers @ 50,000. Nothing major. Mobil 1 in the motor and Spectro in the Tranny. 6 rear tires and 3 front.:bigsmiley11::bigsmiley11:
  7. 67wizard

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    Over 33k on my 2010 UC and no repairs. Replaced rear tire and brake pads. I think thats normal wear and tear.
  8. btsom

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    08 RK, 33,500 miles. Had the bang when engaging the starter from day 1. As I began reading and learning what it was, I did the SE compensator at 15k miles, in part to avoid the crank shaft issues others have had. Can't do it any good to slam the compensator to the limit with every start and transfer that shock into the crank shaft. I was also getting that "box of rocks" noise from the primary while running down the road. New comp fixed that also. At around 25k miles began getting quite a starter grinding noise especially for hot starts. Have had that with other brands also so I figured it was the sprag clutch in the starter drive. At about 30k, I replaced the starter drive and no more grinding noise. I ASSUME the stock compensator also put extra wear on the starter drive so I use that alibi for its early failure. In the 12k to 14k range I got a low speed steering wobble right at 35 mph. After the usual checking of tire balance, wear, and frame alignment, I tightened the steering head bearings. That got rid of both the wobble and a bang noise it would make on larger bumps.

    Other than the above, just the usual mileage related tire and brake pad replacements and standard service items.

    I took one other precautionary action. After reading of a few transmission dip sticks breaking off and destroying the transmissions, I cut off the dip stick on the cap AFTER fabricating a stand alone dip stick I use for fluid checks. My factory dip stick had what looked like a bad spot in the chrome about at the half length point. Some believed that was a wear spot from some tranny part being very close to the dip stick and that was part of what would cause them to break off. I sleep comfortably now with no dip stick in the tranny to break off.

    Before replacing the compensator, I took the scoot over to the local dealer for an evaluation. Of course, "THEY ALL DO THAT" so no warranty deal. With the continuing and worsening problems with the 09s and 10s, I wonder if I would get the same answer now.
  9. Mavagrand

    Mavagrand Senior Member

    25800 on my 08 EGC. Only repair was done under warranty when she was brand new..took her in for the fuel pump housing repair. Other than that not one single issue.
  10. cheap80z28

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    07 ultra, just under 25 thou 3 of 4 fairing brackets all repaired underext warrenty