LeNale cooling fan vs Oil cooler

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by glyd-n, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. glyd-n

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    Just curious to see if anyone has had experience using the cooling fans and how they compare to using a regular oil cooler. These fans look good, but do they get the job done? Are they worth the $$$.

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    Hobbit, nice subtle entry with "had", just might want to be a bit more heavy handed...add...he uses the Fan Chrome Grille as a trick looking left side horn ornament...*hint* *hint* You Brits are so proper...:laugh
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    I live in a pretty hot and humid sub tropical climate.On 2 of our 2008 TC bikes,we've fitted LeNale cooling fans and Harley oil coolers.We also run synthetic oils and Thundermax ECM's to improve our fuelling issues.(covering all bases.)

    We've had no problems and no issues with either.The fan works great and blows goodly ammounts of air across the motor,while the cooler just sits there and does it's job.Even stationary,it helps cool the oil by convection losses.Oil filter access is still good too.

    I know others have had poor luck with this fan,but we have nothing to complain about.

    I guess if you HAD to do one of these,i'd go for the HD oil cooler and synthetic oils.
  4. Jim B.

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    I have both on my 09 Road Glide. I use the fan when stuck in heavy traffic. The oil cooler takes care of the bike the rest of the time. I also put in synthetics for an extra margin of protection. I come from the water cooled world (Goldwing) and am a little paranoid about over heating.

    Smitty's LeNale caught fire but I haven't had any problem with mine since I put it on almost a year ago.
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    check out the Ultra Cool fan/oil cooler....just do an online search...I just had one installed...no riding time yet in Canada...but I have talked to over 10 guys downs south with them who swear by them
  6. LeNale

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    We have several thousand customers customers that are very satisfied that our LeNale Fans do the job. I am a serviced disabled vet small business that takes a lot of pride in our products and customer service. We have a few of the same individuals that have been complaining in the forums for years. We have offered to give a full refund if they returned the fan, but have yet to have that happen. As with any electrical product there are always going to be a couple of isolated problems - but we have always made it right with our customers. We take pride in our country and our customers!
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    Obviously you didn't make it right for Smitty901 because he tried to get a replacement and was told that the fan isn't covered for "FIRE" . Obviously a fire isn't set by the owner of the fan and maybe this is just as you say " As with any electrical product there are always going to be a couple of isolated problems", Why not either give a refund or a replacement for an obviously defective fan being you "KNOW" there are failures???
    Actions speak much louder than posting your words on a forum and a lot of the members here also belong to other forums as well.
    Step up to the plate and back up your product instead of just mere words trying to back up a poor product and you should feel lucky that the bike didn't catch fire as a result of the fan burning up.
    I don't think I would have the nerve to install one of these fans on my Road King after hearing Smitty's experience.

    Here's the perfect opportunity to give the members a peek at what your business is about and the kind of person YOU are. Kind of like separating the men from the boys or in this case the dooers from the talkers.

    How about it??

    Where was the customer service for Smitty?

    You being a Service Disabled vet, why not do the right thing for the FIRST SERGEANT! (Smitty) and show us what your company is all about so you can truly "take a lot of pride in our products and customer service."
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    Exactly my thoughts Glider. Come on, step up Retired Vet.
  9. bikerfishman

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    Wow this post has been very enlightening, the fan was on my list of things to get but until Smitty's problem gets resolved I am going to hold off on any purchases with the LeNale company.

    The thing that sickens me is a retired disabled vet stabbing one of his brothers in the back for his own financial gain.

    In my book customer service like that will never get my money.
  10. Carroll B

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    I guess any product can fail. I've had the Lenale fan and used it last summer at long stop lights or heavy traffic. No problems with the fan so far. It moves enough air to cook your right leg. I also added the HD oil cooler and run Mobil 1 V-twin.