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Leather Jackets

Most people think that bikers wear leather jackets to look cool, but that is not the case. Wearing leather is a form of protection if you are to get into an accident. I have seen guys that have saved themself a lot of roadburn from wearing leather durning an accident. Do you wear leather?
I have never invested in a Leather jacket, but the points that you have made make me think that maybe that I need to. I will have to check out the jackets at my local shop. Is there any one in particular that you would recommend checking out?
My daughter bought me one just last year and I really like it. Not only does it keep me warm but I have also heard that they are great in the event that you would have an accident as well. I am glad that she got it for me because it is something that I would have never thought of buying myself.
I got one through Marlboro awhile back, it has been of real use. My other ones I just bought at the Harley Shop here in town, but they work for protection just as well, I wear the other one for looks mostly.
I was a hard learner and got scars on my shoulder, my back and my foot.I was young,dumb and too hard headed to learn and had on nothing to protect me.
I absolutely wear leather. I believe it is a great form of protection from getting roadrash. I can honestly say that from experience. I would reccommend that for everyone that I talk to.
How could anyone not wear leather if they are out riding? When my dad wrecked his bike a few years back we thanked god for leather or his whole body would have been completely torn up.
I wear leather and also have my leather wallet chained to me. My one cousin skidded down a highway on his wallet and it saved his butt, literally. Then he went head over heels a few times and his leather jacket saved him there. After hearing his story I swear by my leather wallet and leather jacket.
I agree with you. Leather is a wonderful protective device. I have heard so many stories of people getting a lot less or no road rash when they were wearing their leather. Plus it looks cool. How often do you have something protect you and look cool at the same time!
Leather not only looks cool and protects you, once broken in it fits like a second skin. I also cannot help but love the way that leather smells. I never ride without my jacket.