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    Here's a topic that should get a lot of input for us all to benefit from.

    Share with us what products you found that work good and also not so good on your leather coats, bags and saddles.

    Give us brand names and what you thought of them , also include the application process whether it was an easy product to use or not.
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  2. dangerdan

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    When I had the leather bags I used Kiwi shoe polish paste to bring the colour back . I put it on with a brush till it hazed over then polished with a softer brush.
  3. dangerdan

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    A product I would not recommend for your bags is INDIA INK (dye) for those touch up jobs.

    What a mess. The leather absorbed the dye at different rates .I had to buy a extra bottle to finish both bags.
    The bags looked great in the shade but in bright light you could see all the swirls and strokes. After about 30 days of using shoe polish the bags started to look normal again.

  4. I've just finished redoing the saddlebags on my RK. They were badly discolored from the weather and lack of proper care. I applied a coat of H-D leather care to clean them to begin with. I also had some spots where the black dye had faded so I bought a can of H-D Black Creme Polish. I applied it with a standard shoe applicator, then buffed it out with the same buffer I use on my cars. The results are outstanding! The H-D Creme Polish returns them to a low sheen, satin finish. It also contains black dye to restore lost coloring.

    I'm sure there are other products out there that do the same job, but my bags look outstanding so I'm sticking to the same recipe in the future. *Note: I thought about using a commercial dye and regular shoe polish, but I'm glad I didn't. I spit-shine my dress shoes to a high gloss with Kiwi Polish or Lincoln wax, but I wanted to maintain the satin sheen so I stuck to H-D products.
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    I've always liked the Lexol line of leather products. Started using them when
    we were trying to keep up a BeeMer. A majority of members on the BMW forums
    I checked on indicated they used it so I gave Lexol a try and have been very
    pleased. I doubt it'll do anything to restore color though.
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    I have a similar opinion to Glider on the Harley Leather dressing, but I do use it on the leather areas not normally accessible like the underside of the seat where the leather is stapled, and the inner areas of the RKC bags where the leather is attached to the plastic shell.

    I apply the paste and do not wipe it off on these unseen areas. I find it keeps the staples from rusting, and keeps the leather ends soft.

    For the surface leather, I use the spray on Lexol, rubbed in and wiped off, for the visible surfaces every time I clean the bike.
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    During the winter I bought a new set of chaps and a leather vest. Had this great idea of using mink oil on my chaps and vest. Bought a can of Kiwi mink oil paste and treated chaps and vest put the away for a month or two. Then the weather broke good enough for a ride, and a chance to try out the new chaps.To make a long story short, the engine heated up and I m noe have to clean the tanl and heat shields off becuase the mink oil has greased them and that 's a pain to clean. The stuff works great on boots and mande the chaps verfy soft and looked good but boy what a job the clean my gezzer glide
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    Dr.Marten, boot manufacturer has a paste in a little tub that conditions and softens leather. I’ve used on a lot of leather things, belts, jackets, and shoes of course and I think it’s great stuff.:coffee

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    I used Doc Baileys polish on my 45 year old Langlitz leather jacket which was turning brown in spots. It worked for me. Previously I used neatsfoot oil which kept it soft but didnt help the color. Havent got caught in the rain since I used it. Lets hope the color doesnt run.
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    I have been using the leather dressing from Harley and maybe because bike is still kinda new, but, I actually like the stuff as it is easy to work with and makes the seat soft and looks good.