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Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by horizonchaser, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. horizonchaser

    horizonchaser Senior Member Contributor

    I get the impression from reading this forum that a great many of our members are getting up there in age so I got to thinking. Am I alone in going to bed before midnight on New Years Eve? Sheesh, I can remember ( barely) staying up until the wee hours of the morning when I was in my 20's. Now, me & the misses are in bed by 10:00 p.m. :(
    Sorry for revealing what a bore I have become! :D
  2. Rubyred

    Rubyred Senior Member

    I've been in your club for quite a while. The only problem is I'm usually up at 3AM!
  3. fin_676

    fin_676 Experienced Member Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    As New Year is a traditional time of celebration in Scotland it is 1 night of the year that i do stay up late
    The nearby wee town gathers funds during the year and has a fireworks display at midnight so i walk to the top of the hill with a beer in my pocket and watch the fireworks i am at that point about eye level with most of the display
    the first time i did that there was only me and old dog (she was deaf) last night there was 7 cars and about 30 people so it is getting crowded

  4. Joe56

    Joe56 Member

    I'm with you too! 9:30 asleep on the couch - 11:00 asleep in bed, and best of all I feel well rested this morning.
    Happy New Year
  5. Iceman24

    Iceman24 Well-Known Member

    Up until 0100 last night & still awake/up @ 0530...military "internal" alarm clock, but I took a nap @ 1500 yesterday afternoon...:p
  6. kyhdman

    kyhdman Active Member

    dont make a big deal either way last yr saw it in. this yr in bed at 10;30 woke up by my dogs at midnite because people were shooting fireworks off, guess they thought it was time to go hunting LOL
  7. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    I know when midnight arrives do to the neighborhood firecrackers and banging of pots and pans. With a 8 and 6 year old bedtime comes at 8:30. The Wife and I are usually there by 10:00 also. So no you are not alone.........
  8. FIREDOG239

    FIREDOG239 Active Member

    Don't get to excited about the New Year coming in anymore, I don't go out and party much, so i would just as soon stay home and miss all the drunks out there. Besides I need all the beauty sleep I can get. HAPPY NEW YEARS to all.:D:D:D
  9. Bodeen

    Bodeen Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    I went to bed about 3am.............
  10. Gas Gauge

    Gas Gauge Junior Member

    Went to the Flying Saucer for a burger and a few brewski's, enjoyed a nice cigar, beat it home before amateur hour began...poor Mrs. GG has the nasty cold I had last week, but she enjoyed people watching at the town center (location of the pub), and boy was it crowded with most of Sugar Land out milling about (very family friendly atmosphere).

    But I'm with you about hitting the rack early, and with Iceman about reveille.

    Early to bed, Early to rise...hmmm? I've got God to thank for my health, my girls have taken all my wealth, and all you guys here just make me look wise.