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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by doctordoug, Jun 18, 2011.

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    I have been riding all types and brands of motorcycles for 50 years, I'm 65 now. I purchased my Deluxe in Dec. of 09. I have always had full face helmets and have had Arai's since they came on the market and have both street and off road styles. Just purchased a new HD carbon kevlar helmet and feel quite different. I'm definitely more exposed and it will take some time to get used to. It is not as safe but I'm pretty cautious and alert. I wonder about the trade off of safety for other so called advantages. It is much easier to wear sunglasses. According to my friends I don't look as goofy. How do you feel about the smaller helmets?:newsmile036:
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    On a sport bike I wear fullface helmets.On my GoldWings I wore a fullface. On the ElectraGlide I wear a short helmet. I seem to have a safer ride on the big bike, so I guess that I feel more comfortable wearing the 1/2 helmet.
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    i wear a 1/2 helmet. i find it more comfortable and easier to be aware of my surroundings. also cooler in the hot summer
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    I wear a German helmet. That's why there's a wannabe that keeps referring to me as a Nazi :lolrolling
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    I wear no helmet, so you are safer than me!
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    Im thinking about geting a half helmet.......Does that make me half smart ??:s
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    Helmet's and oil's. Everyone has a favorite and a reason to defend it. I have read every study and accident statistic about no helmet vs helmets (all types).This is my 52nd year on two wheels. I started with no helmet, then 3/4 (law passed), then full face, then 1/2 (current). Luckily, all I know about helmets is what I've read, because I've had the great fortune to not "road" test one.
    I now wear a 1/2 DOT because it offers some air flow around my gourd, and my old neck muscles can hold it up. I do wear foam ear plugs on long rides as they seem to diminish how tired I get after several hours. I REALLY like my "novelty/beanie", 'cuz it's so light but doubt it's protection ability if needed.
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    It doesn't take much imagination to see that a helmet would protect you from a skull fracture and possible resulting death. I saw a guy that fell 7 floors back when I worked high rises construction and it cracked his head like an egg. He did live though.

    And a full face also protects... well your face and your jaw bone. But it also limits your peripheral vision. I notice when I ride in groups wearing a 3/4 instead of a full face, I feel a lot more aware (and comfortable) of close proximity bikers and traffic in the lane next to me. Something to think about there. An accident prevented is better than an accident with a full face.

    I still wear the full face in winter just depends on what type of riding event I am participating in.
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    I've had issues with full face helmets being loud inside. I wouldn't be able to ride 5 min without ruining my ears. With the windshield it gets quiet without a helmet. I still haven't found a solution for when I leave the state and need a helmet.
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    I too just bought a 1/2 helmet, I have rode with no helmet and a full faced helmet in the past. The 1/2 helmet is lighter and cooler.